YouTube Channels For Dummies

YouTube每月拥有20亿用户。 YouTube Channels for Dummies,2nd Edition提供了可以吸引数十亿美元的一大块到你的个人或企业频道的已证实的步骤。

YouTube has the eyes and ears of two billion monthly users. _YouTube Channels for Dummies,_2nd Editionoffers proven steps to attracting a chunk of those billions to your personal or business channel.

This updated guide offers insight from a quartet of YouTube channel content creators, managers, marketers, and analysts as they share the secrets of creating great content, building an audience, and interacting with your viewers. The book includes information on:

· Setting up a channel

· Creating videos that attract viewers

· Putting together a video studio

· Editing your final product

· Reaching your target audience

· Interacting with your fans

· Building a profitable business

· Tips on copyright law

Written for both the budding YouTube creator and the business professional seeking to boost their company’s profile on the popular social networking site, YouTube Channels for Dummies allows its readers to access the over two billion active YouTube users who log on each day.

Learn how to create a channel, build a YouTube following, and get insight on content creation, planning, and marketing from established YouTube creators.


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