Image Operators: Image Processing in Python

Image Operators: Image Processing in Python


For decades, researchers have been developing algorithms to manipulate and analyze images. From this, a common set of image tools now appear in many high-level programming languages. Consequently, the amount of coding required by a user has significantly lessened over the years. While the libraries for image analysis are coalescing to a common toolkit, the language of image analysis has remained stagnant. Often, textual descriptions of an analytical protocol consume far more real estate than does the computer code required to execute the processes. Furthermore, the textual explanations are sometimes vague or incomplete. This book offers a precise mathematical language for the field of image processing. Defined operators correspond directly to standard library routines, greatly facilitating the translation between mathematical descriptions and computer script. This text is presented with Python 3 examples.

  • This text will provide a unified language for image processing

  • Provides the theoretical foundations with accompanied Python® scripts to precisely describe steps in image processing applications

  • Linkage between scripts and theory through operators will be presented

  • All chapters will contain theories, operator equivalents, examples, Python® codes, and exercises


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