Design Thinking For Dummies

Design Thinking For Dummies

Innovate your business by incorporating design thinking

Organizations that can innovate have an advantage over competitors who stick to old processes, models, and products_. Design Thinking For Dummies_ walks would-be intrapreneurs through the steps of incorporating design thinking principles into their organizations. Written by a recognized expert in the field of design thinking, the book guides readers through the steps of adapting to a design thinking culture, identifying customer problems, creating and testing solutions, and making innovation an ongoing process.

The book covers the crucial and central topics in design thinking, including:

  • Adopting a design thinking mindset
  • Building creative environments
  • Facilitating design thinking workshops
  • Working through the design thinking cycle
  • Implementing your solutions
  • And many more

Design Thinking For Dummies is a great starting place for people joining design-oriented teams and organizations, as well as small businesses and start-ups seeking to take advantage of the same methods and techniques that large firms have used to grow and succeed.


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