Sex Drive: In Pursuit of Female Desire

Sex Drive: In Pursuit of Female Desire

For many women an active sex life is on the bottom of their "to do" list—is women's sexual desire in the Western world at an all time low? A sexual anthropologist investigates.

Lack of libido is women's most common sexual problem, and once in a secure relationship, a woman's sex drive often begins to plummet. Exploring what libido is and why it is being depleted, this book argues that women don't want sex because they don't feel sexy. At a time when women's libidos are being threatened by the wider forces of media, marketing, and medication and increasingly pressured lives, who can blame them? With increasing numbers of women with low libido being diagnosed as "sexually dysfunctional," the race to create a "pink Viagra" is on. This book engages such questions as Do we have unrealistic expectations about our sex drive? Who defines what is normal and abnormal? And could "low libido" in fact be the natural order of things? Provocative, authoritative, and engaging, this book is both fascinating reading and sure to create passionate debate.


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