Photoshop 2021 Quick Start

Photoshop 2021 Quick Start

Get started with Photoshop over your lunch break. In this course, Jesus Ramirez introduces you to how Photoshop works through a series of basic projects. Jesus starts with how to color correct photos in Photoshop. He shows you how to build layers, color correct with curves, use the eyedropper tools to get the exact colors you need, and then save and export your files. He describes how to change an object’s color in Photoshop, as well as the fine points to make the change look good. Jesus walks you through how to blur a background, including how to make the most of fills, filters, and masks. The next project is a social media graphic. Jesus shows you how to add layers, content, effects, and text to create your graphic.


  • 英文名称:Photoshop 2021 Quick Start
  • 时长:52分42秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. A quick start to Photoshop 2021
  2. Opening a photo in Photoshop
  3. What are Photoshop layers?
  4. Color correcting a photo with Curves
  5. Using the gray-point eyedropper
  6. Save a PSD
  7. Export a JPG
  8. Making a selection with the Quick Selection tool
  9. Applying a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to the selection
  10. Adjust brightness with a Levels adjustment layer
  11. Levels adjustment layer explained
  12. Refine mask edges with Select and Mask and the Brush tool
  13. Using machine learning technology to create a layer mask
  14. Remove a foreground element with Content-Aware Fill
  15. Convert a layer to a Smart Object
  16. Apply Tilt-Shift Blur filter to blur the background
  17. Fix mask imperfections
  18. Apply global adjustments with Camera Raw
  19. Create a new blank Photoshop document
  20. Create a background with solid fill and pattern fill layers
  21. Import an image into Photoshop using the Place command
  22. Use a clipping mask to place a photo inside a vector shape
  23. Blending layers together with blending modes
  24. Organize layers with groups
  25. Add vector shapes
  26. Create text in Photoshop
  27. Apply creative effects with layer styles
  28. What is the banana tool in Photoshop?
  29. Final thoughts