Designing Characters Using Adobe Fresco

Learn how to approach character design and get a better understanding of the powerful illustration tools in Adobe Fresco. In this course, instructor Renee di Cherri explains how to use this digital drawing and painting app—optimized for touch-based devices like the iPad—to bring your character to life. Learn how to use a mindmap to build your imagined world and guide the ideation process of creating your character and what they look like. Then discover how to sketch thumbnail drawings directly in Fresco and turn them into crisp linework with its vector brushes and painting tools. Finally, find out how to add color and final touches to your character, such as realistic fur and lighting, and use companion apps like Photoshop for the iPad to create variations on your character.

Topics include:

  • Starting a Fresco project
  • Creating a mindmap
  • Sketching thumbnails
  • Refining thumbnails
  • Creating line art with vector brushes
  • Simulating fur
  • Lighting characters
  • Changing color schemes


  • 英文名称:Designing Characters Using Adobe Fresco
  • 时长:51分58秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. What is character design?
  2. Follow along with the exercise files
  3. Set up your Adobe Fresco project
  4. Explore the color module and pick a palette
  5. Create your mindmap
  6. Use mindmapping to develop your character's world
  7. Gather photo reference
  8. Begin sketching thumbnails
  9. Turning a thumbnail into a perfect sketch
  10. Create crisp line art using vector brushes
  11. Use live brushes to simulate fur using layers, part 1
  12. Use live brushes to simulate fur using layers, part 2
  13. Lighting effects for the finishing touch on boots and fringes
  14. Lighting effects for the finishing touch on garment and gloves
  15. Lighting effects for the finishing touch on the face
  16. Changing color schemes with Photoshop for iPad
  17. Resources