After Effects 2021基础训练:基础

After Effects 2021基础训练:基础

在旨在介绍和启发初学者的课程中,讲师Mark Christiansen讲解了Adobe After Effects 2021的基础知识。Mark首先介绍电影、视频和动画的核心术语,然后再探讨After Effects界面。接下来,他介绍了After Effects的工作基础:构建合成、处理图层、设置动画、添加效果、以3D设计和渲染。最后Mark利用这些技术来完成一个示例项目,演示了如何在实际工作流中将所有内容融合在一起。


  • 英文名称:After Effects 2021 Essential Training: The Basics
  • 时长:1小时50分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Amazing things happen in Adobe After Effects
  2. The language of After Effects
  3. The language of motion graphics and effects
  4. What is After Effects for?
  5. Using the exercise files and relinking footage
  6. The six foundations of After Effects
  7. Explore the After Effects user interface
  8. Begin with compositions
  9. Composite with layers
  10. Animate with the timeline
  11. Add effects to a layer
  12. Basics of 3D in After Effects
  13. Finish with rendering
  14. Import a Premiere Pro sequence
  15. Customize text
  16. Put text in motion
  17. Match a moving camera
  18. Distort a layer
  19. Animate an Illustrator logo
  20. Add dimension to a design
  21. Many ways to learn After Effects