Selling with Empathy during Uncertain Times

Selling with Empathy during Uncertain Times

It's only natural that uncertain economic conditions create anxiety for salespeople and buyers alike. But a shift in your focus can help you quiet the fear and show up for customers when they need you most. Join Lisa McLeod as she helps you navigate selling in uncertain times. Lisa and her team have coached hundreds of sales professionals through economic turbulence, product launch failures, and other difficulties. In this course, she provides an empathetic, customer-centric approach to sales that will help you connect with customers, solve their most urgent problems, and identify the most authentic version of yourself. Use these tips to rise to the challenge and turn uncertain times into an opportunity to succeed.

Topics include:

  • Pivoting your sales mindset
  • Finding an authentic purpose in sales
  • Creating urgency with clients
  • Dealing with customer emotions
  • Rebounding from failure
  • Improving your win rate


  • 英文名称:Selling with Empathy during Uncertain Times
  • 时长:35分53秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. What customers need from salespeople right now
  2. Three skills to start selling differently
  3. Pivot your sales mindset
  4. Find an authentic purpose in sales
  5. Identify who you can help through selling
  6. Take fear off the table in sales
  7. Create a vivid mental picture before selling
  8. How to power plan in sales
  9. Opening the sales discussion with empathy and urgency
  10. How to deal with customer emotions
  11. Three high-impact sales questions
  12. How to work up the chain in sales
  13. Why you should skip the slide deck presentation
  14. How to rebound from a sales failure
  15. How to manage your boss in sales
  16. Connecting money and meaning as a salesperson