Vue.js 3 Essential Training

Vue.js 3 Essential Training

Vue.js offers developers a framework for building applications that lets them choose how deeply they want to apply the framework. In this course, instructor Ray Villalobos explores the fundamentals of Vue.js 3, then covers options for rendering, computing values, and creating components. Ray shows you how to install Vue.js 3 and set it up. He walks you through using templates, then goes into properties that enhance the way the library works. He discusses arrays and objects, as well as how to create dynamic classes with expressions. He goes into transitions, then steps you through creating components and component events. He demonstrates what you get when you install a project with the Vue CLI, including how to install the Vue Router. He shows you how to set up and build a real project, then goes into enhancing your app so you can feel more comfortable with the application API. In conclusion, Ray explains how to add new features to your application.


  • 英文名称:Vue.js 3 Essential Training
  • 时长:5小时8分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. What you should learn about Vue.js
  2. Using the exercises for this course
  3. Installation options
  4. Basic setup
  5. Binding with directives
  6. Rendering lists
  7. Conditional data
  8. Input fields
  9. Computed content
  10. Event handling
  11. Lifecycle hooks
  12. Inline styles
  13. Classes
  14. Transitions
  15. Options and animating lists
  16. Basic components
  17. Component events
  18. Slots
  19. Application API
  20. Installing with the Vue CLI
  21. Overview of installation
  22. Vue project files
  23. Setting up a realistic app
  24. Modules and routing
  25. CodePen to app
  26. Emitting updates
  27. Reorganizing hierarchy
  28. Refactoring navigation
  29. Moving components
  30. Moving the drop-down
  31. Modifying the cart
  32. Deleting items
  33. Programming a checkout page
  34. Next steps