InDesign 2021 Essential Training

InDesign 2021 Essential Training

InDesign is an essential tool for design firms, ad agencies, magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and freelance designers around the world. In this course, instructor David Blatner presents a thorough explanation of the core features and techniques that make this powerful page-layout application fun and easy to use, providing a foundation upon which advanced skills and workflows can be built. David gets you up to speed fast, with a quick start chapter that teaches you the basics in less than 20 minutes. Then he dives into the details, including managing documents and pages, editing text and graphics, creating interactive documents, and much more. Take the entire course, or focus on just the features you need to learn. Every lesson brings you one step closer to InDesign proficiency—an essential skill for any career in design or publishing.


  • 英文名称:InDesign 2021 Essential Training
  • 时长:5小时11分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. InDesign: Learn the fundamentals
  2. Using the exercise files
  3. Getting started
  4. Adding or editing text
  5. Adding or replacing graphics
  6. Moving objects around
  7. Printing and exporting PDF file
  8. New documents
  9. Guides and measurements
  10. Adding text frames
  11. Typing and editing text
  12. Choose a better workspace for editing
  13. Applying basic text formatting
  14. Importing graphics
  15. Saving and reverting documents
  16. Inserting, deleting, and moving pages
  17. Creating and applying master pages
  18. Overriding master page items
  19. Changing page size and margins
  20. Setting bleed and slug guides
  21. Adding page numbering
  22. Importing text
  23. Threading text frames
  24. Setting text frame attributes
  25. Inserting special characters
  26. Using the Story Editor
  27. Checking spelling
  28. Using Find/Change
  29. Putting text on a path
  30. Options when placing images
  31. Using the Links panel
  32. Editing graphics in their original app
  33. Cropping and fitting graphics
  34. Stroking and filling frames and paths
  35. Transparency, drop shadows, and effects
  36. Creating color swatches
  37. The danger (and power) of unnamed colors
  38. Finding and replacing colors
  39. Creating and applying gradient swatches
  40. Drawing path and frame shapes
  41. Adjusting corner options
  42. Creating text outlines
  43. Resizing and rotating objects
  44. Duplicating objects and making grids
  45. Moving objects above or below each other
  46. Creating and controlling layers
  47. Aligning and distributing
  48. Understanding text wrap
  49. Using anchored objects
  50. Applying advanced character formatting
  51. Using Find/Replace Font
  52. Applying formatting to a paragraph
  53. Using drop caps
  54. Adding rules (lines) above or below
  55. Setting tabs and tab stops
  56. Spanning and splitting paragraphs
  57. Adding automatic bullets and numbers
  58. Using Find/Change for text formatting
  59. Highlighting paragraphs with boxes
  60. Creating and applying paragraph styles
  61. Using character styles
  62. Editing, clearing, and redefining styles
  63. Using object styles
  64. Creating a table
  65. Adjusting rows and columns
  66. Formatting a table
  67. Formatting cells
  68. Adding hyperlinks
  69. Creating an interactive PDF
  70. Exporting to the web with Publish Online
  71. Packaging for output and archive
  72. Using the Print dialog box
  73. Exporting a PDF
  74. Next steps