Designing and Animating a Mind-Bending Illusion

Designing and Animating a Mind-Bending Illusion

Learn what it takes to design your own mind-bending illusion, in this installment of Designs dekeConstructed—the series that breaks down popular graphic designs and show you how to re-create them on your own. Deke starts out by drawing an "impossible" Penrose triangle and a golden ball in Adobe Illustrator. Next, he plots a path for the ball to follow around the triangle. Last, he moves to Photoshop, where he shows you how to animate the ball with a combination of layer masks and the timeline.

Topics include:

  • Creating an "impossible" triangle with hexagons and gradients
  • Drawing and filling the golden ball
  • Drawing the path of the ball
  • Creating frames as layers
  • Animating your artwork in Photoshop


  • 英文名称:Designing and Animating a Mind-Bending Illusion
  • 时长:1小时26分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Drawing nine base hexagons
  3. Converting shapes into custom guides
  4. Drawing the first edge of the triangle
  5. Filling the edge with a custom gradient
  6. Rotating and duplicating the edges
  7. Identifying the center of your artwork
  8. Drawing and filling the golden ball
  9. Understanding how the ball moves
  10. The angles of an equilateral triangle
  11. Drawing the path of the ball
  12. Expressing motion as a custom guide
  13. Duplicating shapes along an angled line
  14. Arranging shapes in a perfect triangle
  15. Blending the first series of frames
  16. Making quick work of the remaining blends
  17. Expanding blends into our first continuous trail
  18. Releasing the shapes to sublayers
  19. Exporting your frames as Photoshop layers
  20. Turning the layers into Timeline frames
  21. Adding hidden layers to your animation
  22. Masking the frames to complete the illusion
  23. Exporting the final animated GIF file
  24. Until next time