Learning RabbitMQ

Learning RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ is one of the most popular open-source message brokers in use today. This lightweight software can help companies that have adopted a microservices model stitch together and enable communication between their services. In this course, join instructor Peter Morlion as he demonstrates how to properly install and work with RabbitMQ as a developer. After delving into the fundamental concepts behind message-based systems and the AMQP message protocol, Peter explains why you might want to use RabbitMQ, as well as how to install it. He then showcases how to implement the tool, covering both basic usage, such as how to publish to and consume from a RabbitMQ exchange, as well as more advanced topics like setting up and using authentication in RabbitMQ.

Topics include:

  • How message-based systems are used
  • The AMQP protocol
  • Exchange type use cases
  • Publishing to RabbitMQ
  • Consuming from RabbitMQ
  • Filtering messages with direct and topic exchanges
  • Setting up and using authentication
  • Authorizing and blocking application actions
  • Tracking message contents for troubleshooting


  • 英文名称:Learning RabbitMQ
  • 时长:1小时39分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Connect your services with asynchronous messaging
  2. What's new in this update
  3. RabbitMQ message-based systems
  4. The AMQP protocol
  5. Overview of RabbitMQ
  6. The exchange types
  7. Exchange type use cases
  8. Why use RabbitMQ
  9. How to install RabbitMQ
  10. Introducing the sample application
  11. Publish to a RabbitMQ exchange
  12. Consuming from a RabbitMQ exchange
  13. Filter messages with direct exchanges
  14. Filter messages with topic exchanges
  15. Filter messages with headers exchanges
  16. Challenge: A simple chat application
  17. Solution: A simple chat application
  18. Challenge: Chatrooms
  19. Solution: Chatrooms
  20. Set up and use authentication
  21. Authorize or block application actions
  22. Validate user IDs
  23. Working with dead letter exchanges
  24. Tracing message contents for troubleshooting
  25. Challenge: Show chat users
  26. Solution: Show chat users
  27. Go further with RabbitMQ