Marketing for Social Change

Marketing for Social Change

Aligning your company's marketing with a good cause can both bolster your company's reputation and help to make the world a better place. In this course, join Drew Boyd as he shows chief marketing officers and senior marketers how to implement and test different communication styles, and how to get a cause marketing program working at their organization. Drew covers picking a cause and nonprofit or other organization to partner with; leveraging multiple external and internal channels to promote a cause; and creating the right digital platforms for customers to share their experiences. He also explains how to measure your cause marketing results.

Topics include:

  • Why cause marketing is important
  • Selecting the right cause
  • Selecting a specific organization to partner with
  • Communicating a cause internally and externally
  • Promoting a cause through social media
  • Testing a cause marketing initiative
  • Measuring your results


  • 英文名称:Marketing for Social Change
  • 时长:34分57秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Building brands with cause marketing
  2. What is cause marketing?
  3. Why cause marketing is important
  4. The cause marketing process
  5. Selecting a cause
  6. Selecting the type of cause program
  7. Selecting a partner
  8. Communicating the cause internally
  9. Communicating the cause externally
  10. Promoting the cause through social media
  11. Testing your cause marketing program
  12. Measuring your cause marketing results
  13. Adding cause marketing to your plans