Web Portfolio Projects: API-Based Chrome Developer Tool

Web Portfolio Projects: API-Based Chrome Developer Tool

Building web applications on APIs has become more and more standard, but it remains a difficult skill to master for developers. Working with the intricate connections of API-based applications can be challenging; however, you can build a developer tool, built into your browser, that communicates with web content and shows your skills to prospective employers. In this course, instructor Leigh Lawhon helps you combine two critical skills: APIs calls and developer tool creation. Using practical examples, Leigh demonstrates how to build a Chrome Developer Tool (DevTool) that interacts with the GitKraken Glo Board API. Along the way, she steps through the basics of working with APIs, how to authenticate using personal access tokens, and how to use Fetch and Promises to get data from the Glo Board API.


  • 英文名称:Web Portfolio Projects: API-Based Chrome Developer Tool
  • 时长:41分2秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Create a Chrome developer tool
  2. What you should know
  3. Use the GitHub exercise files
  4. Learn about Chrome DevTools
  5. Work with APIs
  6. Learn the Chrome API
  7. Learn the Glo API and Swagger documentation
  8. Build a dev tool in five minutes
  9. Sending messages with the Chrome API
  10. Challenge: Communicate between panel and content
  11. Solution: Communicate between panel and content
  12. Authenticate with personal access tokens
  13. Use Fetch and Promise to get data
  14. Use Fetch to get Glo Boards
  15. Challenge: Promises and loops
  16. Solution: Promises and loops
  17. Connect the data to the interface
  18. Use Glo API to save comments
  19. Challenge: Create new comments
  20. Solution: Create new comments
  21. Learn more and thank you