BIM 360 Design Essential Training

BIM 360 Design Essential Training

For teams using Revit, worksharing enables multiple users to access, and make changes to, a single Revit file simultaneously. Using BIM 360 Design, you can extend worksharing to the cloud. In this course, Paul F. Aubin explores how using BIM 360 Design allows you and a team of coworkers to store your central model in a secure, cloud-based hub and work on it as if it were stored on your local server. This makes it easy for firms with distributed teams across multiple physical locations to work together seamlessly. Plus, the functionality of BIM 360 Design leverages the cloud-based document management solutions from Autodesk, which means that your Revit models and other associated project files can be made accessible to all stakeholders—including internal users, clients, and external consultants—in a highly secure environment complete with granular permissions.


  • 英文名称:BIM 360 Design Essential Training
  • 时长:6小时4分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Collaborating with BIM 360
  2. Using the exercise files
  3. Introduction to BIM 360 Design
  4. Create an Autodesk account
  5. Open a BIM 360 Design Revit model
  6. Installing Desktop Connector
  7. Updating Desktop Connector
  8. Exploring the BIM 360 web portal
  9. Viewing projects in a browser
  10. Navigate and section a model in the 3D viewer
  11. First person viewing in Design Collaboration
  12. Aggregated project model
  13. Using issue tracking
  14. BIM 360 Docs iPad app
  15. BIM 360 Design setup and administration process
  16. Set up a new BIM 360 Design account
  17. Adding account admins
  18. Fine-tuning account settings
  19. Creating and archiving projects
  20. Assigning a license to a user
  21. Creating a company and member directory
  22. Understanding and customizing roles
  23. Inviting members to a project
  24. Creating teams
  25. Assigning permissions to teams
  26. Activating user access
  27. Team member access to BIM 360 Design
  28. Requirements for Revit cloud models
  29. Save a cloud model (not workshared)
  30. Creating a cloud-based workshared Revit model
  31. Cloud upgrade models
  32. Direct linking
  33. Publishing cloud models
  34. Schedule regular publish
  35. Understanding the package and shared workflow
  36. Linking via shared folder
  37. Create and share a new package
  38. Linking via consumed folder
  39. Exploring packages
  40. Establishing shared coordinates in BIM 360
  41. Modifying shared coodinates in BIM 360
  42. Working with multiple shared sites
  43. BIM 360 Design linking with Desktop Connector
  44. Link to a Civil 3D file in Revit
  45. Opening and editing Civil 3D files from BIM 360
  46. Ensuring folder permissions support desired workflows
  47. Update architecture with Civil 3D edits
  48. Create and export topography surfaces in Civil 3D
  49. Linking Civil 3D topography into Revit
  50. Version history, restoring files, and local copies
  51. Outages
  52. Next steps