Graphic Design Tips & Tricks

Graphic Design Tips & Tricks

John McWade, founder of Before & After and former senior staff author at LinkedIn Learning, presents a series that touches on all areas of design, helping designers new and old sharpen their skills and create more powerful work. This series covers a wide range of topics, from typography and layout to color and logo design, but each episode is a standalone technique that can be completed in just ten minutes or less.


  • 英文名称:Graphic Design Tips & Tricks
  • 时长:10小时53分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Design a modern cover: Think simple, clean, and angular
  3. Transform a product sheet: Put your words here, not there
  4. Design a business card: Make it look like what it says
  5. Double your artwork for free: Use the same picture twice
  6. Design a ghosted logo: A picture always goes with itself
  7. Design a business card using repetitive shape
  8. Why round letters are bigger than straight ones
  9. Design a powerful poster: Work with your photo, not against it
  10. Design stationery that’s almost a brochure: Picture your product, not your logo
  11. Alignment: Your ruler’s good only for regular things
  12. Logo design: Think simple
  13. Your design needs a focal point: Dramatic photo anchors a strong makeover
  14. Chart your data with images
  15. Make a beautiful logo with off-the-shelf type
  16. How to transfer your look to a new format
  17. Angles
  18. The (very!) versatile art of the silhouette
  19. Easy, functional one-line design
  20. Signage: Consistency makes the brand
  21. Elementals: How black, white, and gray make depth
  22. A beautiful desk calendar you can make yourself
  23. Lesson of the counterintuitive logo
  24. How to design visual instructions
  25. Design a beautiful CD package
  26. Simple brochure presents your face to the public
  27. Soften the edge
  28. Small layout packs a big punch
  29. Shape it: Part one
  30. Shape it: Part two
  31. A logo makeover: Part one
  32. A logo makeover: Part two
  33. Grid collage
  34. People in a group on a grid
  35. Magazine cover redesign
  36. Designing cards with type alone
  37. Designing a small-space advertisement
  38. Designing a business card for a photographer
  39. Designing names with type and basic shapes
  40. Review of an outdoor sign logo
  41. Creating a small multipage brochure
  42. Designing with black, white, and gray
  43. Gestalt techniques: Isomorphism
  44. Redesigning a business card
  45. How to put motion on a static page
  46. The color wheel
  47. Layout decision points
  48. Designing a tiny brochure
  49. Panoramic spacing
  50. Multi-use format for a business card
  51. The boring book cover challenge: Part 1
  52. The boring book cover challenge: Part 2
  53. The single space practice
  54. Incorporating hairlines into your design
  55. Close enough with color choice
  56. More design techniques with grids
  57. Lanzarote calendar assignment
  58. Foreground focal point
  59. Stop, look, observe
  60. Working with a rule of thumb (dynamic) grid
  61. The humble power of negative space
  62. Go with the flow
  63. Learning by doing
  64. For the love of design!
  65. The boring book cover challenge, part 3
  66. Bold moves
  67. Simply beautiful
  68. Common but versatile looks
  69. Audacious philanthropy
  70. Simple slides
  71. Every face has a place
  72. Those little extras
  73. Seeing sight lines
  74. Swiss style grids, part 1
  75. Swiss style grids, part 2
  76. Poetic type
  77. Visual continuity
  78. Find your balance
  79. Procrastiworking with album covers
  80. Looking around: Why it works
  81. Don't fake it
  82. Find the focal point
  83. Tooth and texture
  84. Small and simple
  85. Design challenge: Dino Water
  86. Looking around: Address the audience
  87. Experimenting with borders
  88. Magazine layout triple threat
  89. Product ad comparison
  90. Lanzarote calendar assignment: Revisited
  91. Rewind: Simply beautiful
  92. Rewind: Seeing sight lines
  93. Find your center with typefaces
  94. Maki poster, part 1
  95. Maki poster, part 2
  96. Quick look: Decoded wallet case
  97. A type of luxury
  98. Quick look: Saltwater restaurant
  99. Quick look: Nick's Cove
  100. Less is more: Book covers
  101. Less is more: Notices
  102. Less is more: Posters
  103. Movement in design
  104. The British Academy: Logo
  105. The British Academy: Type
  106. The British Academy: Grid
  107. Quick look: Teavana rock sugar
  108. Ask John: Authentic advice
  109. Blue Note: Donald Byrd album cover
  110. Blue Note: Caddy Daddy, Part 1
  111. Blue Note: Caddy Daddy, Part 2
  112. Blue Note: Caddy Daddy, Part 3
  113. Ask John: Finding your passion
  114. It's all in the details: Lineweights
  115. Paper flyer redesign
  116. Set a headline with Gossamer
  117. Ask John: New business logo
  118. A new type: Helvetica Now
  119. In detail: Line values
  120. Typographic silence
  121. Rebranded: Uber
  122. Capture connection with authenticity