Learning Photoshop Portrait Retouching

Learning Photoshop Portrait Retouching

Want to improve your portraits, but can't afford to spend hours obsessing over distractions and discoloration? In this course, Chris Orwig shares techniques that can help you use Photoshop to bring out the best in your portrait subjects in a pinch. He explains how to remove distractions from the background of an image, as well as unwanted logos, jewelry, and even lint. He also shows how to shape and sculpt your portrait subjects, improve skin, eyes, teeth, and hair, and use multiple frames. To wrap up, he offers bonus tips for retouching black-and-white portraits and applying creative effects, plus a few advanced challenges for testing your ability to clean up a background and improve skin.

Topics include:

Cleaning up the background Removing distractions with the Spot Healing Brush Removing logos, jewelry, and lint Sculpting with Liquify Smoothing skin Removing unflattering distortion Changing the face with Face-Aware Liquify Removing shadows and wrinkles Improving eyes Whitening teeth Changing makeup Using multiple frames


  • 英文名称:Learning Photoshop Portrait Retouching
  • 时长:6小时9分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Challenges
  3. Resources
  4. Exercise files
  5. Removing distractions with the Spot Healing Brush
  6. Cloning away problems on a new layer
  7. Harnessing the magic of Content-Aware Fill
  8. Removing a lamppost and Content-Aware Crop
  9. Painting in a solid color into the background
  10. Improving the color and brightness of the background
  11. Fixing a backdrop with the Patch tool
  12. Challenge: Removing distractions
  13. Solution: Removing distractions
  14. Logo removal with the Patch tool
  15. Advanced Content-Aware Fill improvements
  16. Using Patch, Clone, and Heal for the best results
  17. Removing jewelry
  18. Removing lint
  19. Challenge: Removing a logo
  20. Solution: Removing a logo
  21. Thinning the body
  22. Sculpting with Liquify as a smart filter
  23. Fixing clothing and hair
  24. Removing unflattering distortion
  25. Fixing the ears
  26. Changing the face with Face-Aware Liquify
  27. Challenge: Removing distractions
  28. Solution: Removing distractions
  29. Simple skin clean up
  30. Removing acne and fixing discoloration
  31. Fixing sunburned skin
  32. Improving skin with Camera Raw and Photoshop
  33. Using the Healing Brush for consistent results
  34. Fixing shiny skin with Curves and masking
  35. Fixing details and brightness
  36. Challenge: Improving skin
  37. Solution: Improving skin
  38. Quick work with the Patch tool
  39. Natural looking wrinkle reduction
  40. Removing difficult shadows around the eyes
  41. Wrinkle reduction 101
  42. Removing wrinkles with blending modes
  43. Learning how to use the Dodge tool
  44. Expert wrinkle removal with the Dodge tool
  45. Challenge: Shadow removal
  46. Solution: Shadow removal
  47. Making eyes sparkle
  48. Brightening and coloring the eyes
  49. Creating vivid eye color
  50. Opening a closed eye
  51. Fixing eye details
  52. Improving the whites of the eyes
  53. Fixing a common issue with glasses
  54. Challenge: Adding sparkle and changing color
  55. Solution: Adding sparkle and changing color
  56. Whitening teeth
  57. Fixing a discolored tooth
  58. Changing makeup color on the lips
  59. Challenge: Teeth whitening
  60. Solution: Teeth whitening
  61. Changing hair color
  62. Hiding roots
  63. Removing stray hairs
  64. Removing stray hairs on a complex background
  65. Using select and mask to fix hair
  66. Challenge: Fixing stray hairs and improving color
  67. Solution: Fixing stray hairs and improving color
  68. What to do when the subject blinks
  69. Combining the best from two frames
  70. Challenge: Improving a group portrait
  71. Solution: Improving a group portrait
  72. Retouching a black and white portrait
  73. Removing and changing the background
  74. Applying creative effects to a portrait
  75. Challenge: Advanced background clean up
  76. Solution: Advanced background clean up
  77. Improving skin mini project
  78. Challenge: Improving skin
  79. Solution: Improving skin, part 1
  80. Solution: Advanced skin smoothing, part 2
  81. Next steps