Designing a Magazine Cover

Designing a Magazine Cover

What makes a good magazine cover? Author Nigel French examines the design of magazine covers, dissecting the cover and explaining the purpose of the different components that make up the whole design. He then covers the design process from start to finish in Adobe InDesign, going on to show alternative workflows that exclusively use Photoshop and Illustrator. Each workflow shows you how to place and scale your image, position the masthead, add cover text, and package the end result as a print-ready PDF.

Topics include:

  • The history of magazine covers
  • Choosing a cover image
  • Making color and tonal adjustments to the image
  • Placing and positioning the masthead
  • Positioning, scaling, and cropping the cover image
  • Creating a color palette
  • Adding cover text
  • Creating a peeling sticker effect
  • Preparing for print


  • 英文名称:Designing a Magazine Cover
  • 时长:2小时45分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Using the exercise files
  3. Looking at the history of magazine covers
  4. Understanding what makes a good magazine cover
  5. Deciding between photography and illustration
  6. Understanding the parts of a magazine cover
  7. Choosing a cover image
  8. Understanding the technical requirements
  9. Cropping the cover image
  10. Working with color and tonal adjustments
  11. Retouching the cover image
  12. Setting up the cover document
  13. Placing and positioning the masthead
  14. Positioning, scaling, and cropping the cover image
  15. Combining the cover image and the masthead
  16. Creating a color palette
  17. Adding cover lines
  18. Using paragraph styles with cover lines
  19. Refining cover lines
  20. Including additional elements
  21. Creating a preflight profile
  22. Making a print-ready PDF
  23. Packaging and archiving the project
  24. Setting up the Photoshop document
  25. Placing and scaling the cover image in Photoshop
  26. Combining the image and the masthead in Photoshop
  27. Working with text in Photoshop
  28. Creating a peeling sticker in Photoshop
  29. Preparing for print in Photoshop
  30. Setting up the Illustrator document
  31. Placing, scaling, and cropping the cover image in Illustrator
  32. Combining the cover image and the masthead in Illustrator
  33. Adding more cover lines in Illustrator
  34. Adding cover items in Illustrator
  35. Preparing for print in Illustrator
  36. Goodbye and next steps