Designing Gradient Dot Patterns with Illustrator

Designing Gradient Dot Patterns with Illustrator

Join Deke McClelland, as he shows you how to make a custom gradient dot pattern with Adobe Illustrator. He begins by showing you how to load, apply, and scale the preset patterns that ship with Illustrator, and then demonstrates how to make your own gradient patterns with round and square dots. Last, he shows how to infuse your designs with energy using dynamic rotations that make your own specialized pattern wave.

Topics include:

  • Using Illustrator's preset gradient dot patterns
  • Creating a pattern of custom halftone dots
  • Filling editable text with a dot pattern
  • Turning circular dots into squares
  • Using dynamic rotations to create specialized patterns


  • 英文名称:Designing Gradient Dot Patterns with Illustrator
  • 时长:1小时19分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Setting up your base document
  3. Loading, applying, and scaling a dot pattern
  4. Working with gradient dot patterns
  5. Creating a pattern of custom halftone dots
  6. Increasing the raster resolution of your document
  7. Converting jagged raster dots to smooth vectors
  8. Pasting a dot pattern into editable text
  9. Precisely aligning dots to letterforms
  10. Creating the base shapes for your square dots
  11. Expanding and ungrouping dynamic effects
  12. Blending a square gradient dot pattern
  13. A stylistic alternative to dot-pattern text
  14. Adding dynamic rotations for a symmetrical wave
  15. Patterned text and the sharp drop shadow
  16. Making the most of a happy accident