Adobe Camera Raw 基础训练

Adobe Camera Raw 基础训练

在本课程中,你将了解如何使用Adobe Camera Raw通过无损工具和技术快速将你拍摄的普通的照片变成非凡的照片,来帮助定义图像的本质并强化你的个人风格。你会明白为什么捕捉图像只是摄影方程式的一半,因为Adobe专家Julieanne Kost会带你了解Camera Raw的所有功能,从解决常见但令人烦恼的问题,到为功能丰富且无损的编辑工具找到更多创造性的用途。学习如何纠正颜色,修正透视问题以及增强细节和对比度,使图像变得生动。然后了解如何进行局部色彩校正,自定义黑白图像,甚至全景和HDR合成。如果你对提高Camera Raw的效率有兴趣,Julieanne还提供了有关保存和应用预设,同步多张图像和批处理的章节。


  • 比较原始文件和JPEG文件
  • 校正镜头变形和透视问题
  • 裁剪并拉直倾斜的水平线
  • 修复偏色并进行创造性的色彩调整
  • 显示阴影和高光细节
  • 锐化降噪
  • 进行局部调整
  • 转换成黑白
  • 美化人物肖像:皮肤,眼睛和牙齿
  • 自动化工作流程
  • 合并全景或HDR图像


  • 英文名称:Adobe Camera Raw Essential Training
  • 时长:3小时45分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Opening files from Adobe Bridge
  3. Starting in Camera Raw instead of Photoshop
  4. Comparing raw and JPEG files
  5. Touring the Camera Raw user interface
  6. Profiles: Setting a baseline for editing raw files
  7. Previewing before and after adjustments
  8. Resetting files in ACR
  9. Choosing the correct Camera Raw settings when handing off files to Photoshop
  10. Saving a copy without going to Photoshop
  11. Correcting lens distortion
  12. Removing chromatic aberration
  13. Automatically correcting perspective using Upright
  14. Using the nondestructive Crop tool
  15. Correcting a tilted horizon
  16. Fixing color casts with the White Balance tool
  17. Using the histogram and clipping warning when adjusting tones
  18. Recovering hidden highlight and shadow detail
  19. Making images pop using Contrast, Clarity, and Dehaze
  20. Boosting an image’s impact using Color Theme 27
  21. Removing small imperfections with the Spot Removal tool
  22. Reducing distracting noise
  23. Sharpening image details
  24. Bringing it all together: From meh to wow!
  25. Enhancing an image using the Graduated Filter
  26. Highlighting important elements using radial gradients
  27. Making selective enhancements using the Adjustment brush
  28. Using the Range Mask tool to isolate local adjustments
  29. Saving presets for the local adjustment tools
  30. Adding creative effects using profiles
  31. Converting images to black and white
  32. Using the Snapshot tool to explore different adjustments
  33. Using HSL for selective color changes
  34. Selective colorization of an image
  35. Creating a hand-colored look using the Adjustment brush
  36. Recreating traditional color toning effects
  37. Simulating cross-process and split-tone effects
  38. Emulating film grain textures
  39. Adding vignettes and border effects
  40. Retouching blemishes with the Spot Removal tool
  41. Making teeth and eyes sparkle with the Adjustment brush
  42. Selective skin softening using negative clarity
  43. Removing red eye and pet eye
  44. Adjusting multiple images in Camera Raw
  45. Synchronizing changes across multiple files
  46. Copying and pasting adjustments across files
  47. Creating and applying Camera Raw presets
  48. Saving multiple files in Camera Raw
  49. Using Image Processor to batch process multiple files
  50. Merging multiple images to create a panorama
  51. Merging multiple exposures to improve dynamic range
  52. Creating a high dynamic range panorama
  53. Next steps