Sleep Is Your Superpower

Sleep Is Your Superpower

Sleep is mandatory. You can’t outsource it and you can’t negotiate it—and it has a powerful impact on everything you do while you’re awake. So why not build habits to optimize your sleep and live your best life? Learn how to make sleep a priority and take steps to achieve sleep wellness. The Sleep Ambassador®, Nancy Rothstein, shares tips for optimizing sleep and performing at your best in work and life. Learn how to prioritize sleep, assess your sleep, create the right sleep environment, and adopt strategies to fall asleep and stay asleep. Nancy offers concrete, practical advice based on research and science—so you can master sleep as your superpower.


  • 英文名称:Sleep Is Your Superpower
  • 时长:34分5秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Your sleep improvement journey
  2. Sleep science 101
  3. Balancing sleep and life
  4. Assess your sleep habits
  5. Create your sleep sanctuary
  6. Simple shifts for sleep success
  7. Preparing for sleep
  8. Transitioning to sleep
  9. Set realistic sleep goals and get started
  10. Sustainable sleep success