Logo Design: Illustrating Logo Marks

Logo Design: Illustrating Logo Marks

This logo design course is all about craftsmanship of the artwork, the minutia of building logo marks. It's focused on what goes into the execution of a good logo—because it won't matter what the idea is if you design it poorly. Von Glitschka explains how drawing complements the brainstorming and design process, introduces time-tested build methods for vector-based graphics, and explains how to make the critical decisions around format, color, and other aspects of brand identity. These creative tactics and workflows will help you create better, stronger workflows that display beautifully in all formats: in print, on the web, or in motion.

Topics include:

Drawing your design Selecting a logo style Building a logo with shapes Creating modular designs Establishing brand colors and visual continuity Iconifying complex shapes Adding dimension to flat motifs Using negative space Delivering the final logo files and style guides


  • 英文名称:Logo Design: Illustrating Logo Marks
  • 时长:5小时6分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Exercise files
  3. Drawing your design
  4. Selecting an appropriate style
  5. Ideation tactics
  6. The clockwork method
  7. The shape building method
  8. Creating precisely with smart guides
  9. Modular logo designs
  10. Encapsulated logo designs
  11. Logotypes
  12. Establishing brand colors
  13. Creating brand systems
  14. Visual deduction
  15. Establishing visual continuity
  16. Creating fat-line logos
  17. Detailing with subtle rounds
  18. Symmetric and asymmetric compositions
  19. Alignment methods
  20. Iconifying complex shapes
  21. Adding dimension to flat motifs
  22. Type exploration for logos
  23. Monogram overlaps
  24. Negative space logo concepts
  25. Using isolation mode
  26. Extend path editing
  27. Creative risk taking
  28. Creating black and white logo iterations
  29. Building reverse logo art
  30. Production-ready files
  31. Simple style guides
  32. Organizing logo files
  33. Closing