CAD and BIM: Workflow for Rooms in Facilities Management

CAD and BIM: Workflow for Rooms in Facilities Management

Revit offers a workflow that’s uniquely suited to facilities management, particularly room and area design. You can take a linked CAD file and generate a detailed room schedule by defining room-bounding parameters and areas. In this course, you can learn how to use Revit to develop room plans and schedules from CAD models. Discover how to retrieve room data from the model, create a room floor plan, tag rooms, add new rooms and departments, and associate spaces with occupancy. Instructor Shaun Bryant also explains how to generate detailed room schedules from your design for sharing with clients and colleagues.

Topics include:

  • Room properties, numbers, and names
  • Creating a room floor plan
  • Creating a room tag family
  • Adding new rooms
  • Adding new departments
  • Working with room tags
  • Generating room legends
  • Adding occupants
  • Creating room schedules


  • 英文名称:CAD and BIM: Workflow for Rooms in Facilities Management
  • 时长:1小时47分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. The CAD and BIM workflow for rooms in Revit
  2. What you should know before watching this course
  3. Using the exercise files
  4. Using RVT files and version compatibility
  5. Exploring the Room & Area panel on the Revit ribbon
  6. Working with a project with defined rooms
  7. Room properties: Identity data
  8. Room number
  9. Room name
  10. Duplicating a floor plan
  11. Setting the visible elements in the plan
  12. Creating a new room-only room tag family
  13. Changing existing room tags
  14. Adding rooms to the floor plan
  15. Adding room separators in the floor plan
  16. Tagging rooms in the floor plan
  17. Adding departments to the floor plan
  18. Showing departments using a color fill legend
  19. Editing room tags
  20. Editing room numbers and room names
  21. Changing room tag types in the floor plan
  22. Creating a new color fill legend for room names
  23. Editing the color fill schema to highlight specific rooms
  24. Editing room names on color fill legend
  25. Adding occupants to rooms in the properties palette
  26. Checking occupants
  27. Creating a color fill legend for occupants
  28. Creating a new room schedule
  29. Adding the schedule to a sheet
  30. Next steps