通过利用诸如Facebook之类的社交媒体平台,你可以提高品牌知名度并利用其免费功能来传递和宣传你的摄影、设计或视频。在本课程中,讲师Richard Harrington向你展示了如何使用Facebook平台成功地成为创意专业人士。



  • 英文名称:Facebook for Creative Pros
  • 时长:3小时20分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Facebook for creative pros
  2. Exercise files
  3. The Facebook roots
  4. Evolution: Transitioning from personal to business
  5. Connecting Instagram with Facebook
  6. Finding connections
  7. How many Facebook accounts do you need?
  8. Using lists to split your content
  9. Creating events
  10. How often and when to post to Facebook
  11. Enhancing your page with graphics
  12. Enhancing your page with tabs and additional content
  13. Networking with groups
  14. Attracting new conversations
  15. Why set up a company page?
  16. Choosing a page type
  17. Using Insights to understand your social media reach
  18. Attracting fans to your page
  19. Why post work samples?
  20. Prepping photos
  21. Posting photos
  22. Creating albums
  23. Prepping video with Adobe Media Encoder
  24. Prepping video with Apple Compressor
  25. Posting video
  26. Prepping graphics
  27. Posting graphics
  28. Scheduling posts
  29. Tagging colleagues and customers in posts
  30. Using a third-party host: 500px
  31. Using a third-party host: YouTube
  32. Using a third-party host: Vimeo
  33. Do you have the rights to post the content?
  34. Considering the terms of service
  35. What is a group?
  36. Adding members
  37. Posting content to a project
  38. Messaging clients and the team
  39. Posting content to advertise
  40. Targeting a prospective audience
  41. Setting an ad budget
  42. Boosting a post
  43. Why go mobile?
  44. Monitoring messages
  45. Posting photos on the go
  46. Live streaming on the go
  47. Closing thoughts