Green Building Studio: Energy Analysis

Green Building Studio: Energy Analysis

Autodesk Green Building Studio (GBS) helps you optimize the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of your building designs. It can read BIM data directly from Revit models, providing a fast and efficient workflow for energy analysis. This course shows you the steps involved, starting with setting up a Green Building Studio project and exporting the Revit model geometry, room data, and energy information into GBS-friendly XML. Instructor Eric Wing then shows how to run the energy analysis and create design alternatives for comparison—right from Green Building Studio.

Topics include:

  • Exporting models from Revit
  • Setting up profiles and projects in Green Building Studio
  • Creating a run list
  • Creating design alternatives
  • Adding project details


  • 英文名称:Green Building Studio: Energy Analysis
  • 时长:48分35秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome to Green Building Studio
  2. Configuring energy settings
  3. Looking at locations
  4. Exporting to gbXML
  5. Launching Green Building Studio
  6. Accessing your account
  7. My profile
  8. My projects
  9. Uploading a gbXML file
  10. Accessing water usage
  11. Applying photovoltaic analysis
  12. Export and download data files
  13. Creating design alternatives
  14. Run charts
  15. Project details
  16. Utility and weather