从强大的快捷键到精确的蒙版,本课程可以帮助你以全新的方式理解Photoshop的调整图层和混合模式。在本课程中,Rich Harrington在Photoshop 2020中解锁了一些很少使用的他最喜欢的功能选项。学习如何使用调整图层和混合模式对图像进行色调校正、将照片转换为黑白、添加样式和完全无损地修复曝光。 Rich还探讨了“自动”选项、查找表、渐变贴图和智能对象的隐藏的力量,并展示了如何在想要达到微妙效果时限制调整的使用。到你完成本课程时,到将对调整层和混合模式有了更高级的了解,并且知道如何对任何图像进行复杂的、无损的更改。


  • 英文名称:Photoshop: Advanced Adjustment Layers and Blend Modes
  • 时长:2小时3分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. What you learn in this course
  2. What you should know before watching this course
  3. Exercise files
  4. What is an adjustment layer and when should you use one?
  5. Clipping an adjustment layer to a single layer
  6. Using layer masks and adjustment layers
  7. Using blending modes and adjustment layers
  8. Organizing adjustment layers by grouping
  9. Using advanced blending options
  10. Removing color cast with Auto Curves
  11. Improving contrast with Auto Curves
  12. Removing color cast with Auto Levels
  13. Improving contrast with Auto Levels
  14. The role of Auto Brightness/Contrast
  15. Setting a new default auto value
  16. Creating custom black-and-white effects with the On Image tool
  17. Creating duotones with a Black & White adjustment layer
  18. Creating spot color effects with a Black & White adjustment layer
  19. Creating bleached bypass effects with a Black & White adjustment layer
  20. Using a lookup table to refine the black-and-white effect
  21. Refining a Hue adjustment layer with the On Image tool
  22. Creating duotones with a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer
  23. Recoloring artwork with a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer
  24. When to choose Vibrance over Hue/Saturation
  25. Using blending modes with Hue/Saturation
  26. Using the Color Lookup adjustment layer
  27. Loading new lookup table presets
  28. Creating custom lookup tables
  29. Synchronizing multiple images with lookup tables
  30. Exporting a LUT for use in other applications
  31. Creating dramatic colors with a gradient map
  32. Expert-level black and white with a gradient map
  33. Creating custom duotones with a gradient map
  34. Recoloring an image with a noise gradient map
  35. Using a Smart Object to freeze adjustment layers
  36. Using filters and blend modes with Smart Objects
  37. Stacking layers and using stack modes
  38. Using a smart object as an adjustment layer
  39. Exporting and editing Smart Objects
  40. Next steps