Photoshop: Processing Product Photos

Photoshop: Processing Product Photos

Processing product shots requires a slightly different set of skills than retouching portraits. But with Photoshop and the techniques shown in this course, you can take raw photos of any product—jewelry or electronics—and turn them into ad-ready images. Follow along with Kevin Stohlmeyer, as he color corrects and retouches photos and then makes them pop off the screen with silhouettes, realistic highlights and shadows, and vibrant color. He also shares a series of Photoshop actions and other automation techniques he uses to speed up his workflow.

Topics include:

  • Selecting the right product shot for post-processing
  • Using a tablet for detail work
  • Adjusting exposure
  • Correcting color cast
  • Removing dust and scratches
  • Retouching a product shot with the Healing tools
  • Creating silhouettes with layer masks and clipping paths
  • Adding shadows and highlights
  • Replacing product colors
  • Automating parts of your workflow


  • 英文名称:Photoshop: Processing Product Photos
  • 时长:1小时30分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Using the exercise files
  3. Getting started
  4. Starting with the right photograph
  5. Utilizing colored or white backgrounds in Photoshop
  6. Setting up your tablet for detail work
  7. Using RGB vs. CMYK color spaces
  8. Using adjustment layers vs. the Adjustment menu
  9. Adjusting exposure in Photoshop
  10. Easy color adjustments using the two-pass method
  11. Removing color casts from backgrounds
  12. Retouching overview
  13. Setting up your file for nondestructive editing in Photoshop
  14. Using filters to remove dust and scratches
  15. Cleaning up your image with healing tools
  16. Utilizing the Clone Stamp tool to its fullest potential
  17. Understanding the Clone Source panel
  18. Using the Content-Aware Patch and Spot Healing tools
  19. When do you use a mask or a path?
  20. Creating an accurate path using the Pen tool
  21. Saving your work path and creating a clipping path
  22. Making an initial selection with selection tools
  23. Cleaning up your selection
  24. Creating a layer mask from a selection
  25. How does light affect your product's shadow?
  26. Using the original source to create a shadow
  27. Creating your own shadow using brushes
  28. Adding realism to your shadow with filters
  29. Using blending modes to add your shadow to the background
  30. Enhancing the product
  31. Adding product labels with vector art
  32. Transforming the label
  33. Adding realistic highlights
  34. Replacing product colors with adjustment layers
  35. Using layer comps for alternative versions
  36. What are ideal files for automation?
  37. How to create an action in Photoshop
  38. The batch-automation process
  39. Automating color correction
  40. Automating shadow creation
  41. Automating image sizes for print and the web
  42. Using conditional actions in Photoshop
  43. Outputting your file to multiple formats
  44. Adding metadata using templates in Adobe Bridge
  45. Batch renaming files using Adobe Bridge
  46. Next steps