Revit: Structural Families

Revit: Structural Families

Families are an integral part of working in Revit, and the key to creating custom content. They group similar elements with shared parameters (such as walls or windows)—and while there are predefined families available in Revit, creating your own families is a great way to build a library of custom content. This course will teach you the ins and outs of family creation in Revit 2016.

Following an overview of the basics, Eric provides specific instructions on modeling different types of families: foundation, framing, annotation, and truss families. He'll show how to perform 3D extrusions and build in flexibility with parameters, as well as create formulas, array parameters, and lookup tables.

Topics include:

  • Understanding parameters and reference planes
  • Creating extrusions and sweeps
  • Cutting voids
  • Building stepped-footing and other foundation families
  • Creating columns
  • Adding framing
  • Working with metals
  • Creating tags and annotations
  • Printing sheets
  • Creating trusses


  • 英文名称:Revit: Structural Families
  • 时长:4小时50分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Using the exercise files
  3. Learning what a family is
  4. The evolution of a family
  5. Understanding parameters
  6. Understanding reference planes
  7. Constraining with dimensions
  8. Creating parameters
  9. Creating extrusions
  10. Creating sweeps
  11. Creating blends
  12. Cutting voids
  13. Profile families
  14. Understanding basic formulas
  15. Creating stepped footing families
  16. Creating in-place stepped footing families
  17. Adding slab depressions
  18. Adding beam pockets
  19. Creating concrete bevels
  20. Creating custom cone top columns
  21. Making tapered concrete columns
  22. Creating tilt wall
  23. Modeling pour stop families
  24. Slab edge families
  25. Modeling trenches
  26. Creating shallow footing families
  27. Creating lintel openings and headers
  28. Creating lintel if parameters
  29. Tagging lintels in the model
  30. Creating joist bridging annotations
  31. Creating joist bridging 3D elements
  32. Creating in-place structural stiffeners
  33. Creating structural stiffeners using a template
  34. Creating cross bracing
  35. Creating a bolt
  36. Baseplate families
  37. Type lookup files
  38. Creating beam tags
  39. Creating stepped footing tags
  40. Creating column tags
  41. Creating generic annotations
  42. Understanding shared parameters
  43. Creating a startup sheet
  44. Creating a view title
  45. Creating sheet symbols
  46. Using the truss template
  47. Modeling trusses in place
  48. Creating purlins
  49. Modeling truss webs
  50. Creating line-based trusses
  51. Next steps