Revit: Detailing

Revit: Detailing

While Revit is a tool for building information modeling (BIM)—and BIM is a 3D-model-based process—2D drafting and detailing are still fundamental aspects of the Revit design workflow. In this course, Paul F. Aubin demonstrates how to create, manage, and reuse 2D construction details in Revit. Paul shows how to create drafting and legend views in Revit, use 2D linework, place detail components, and complete a detail by adding notes and dimensions. He shows how to create hybrid details, which incorporate a live view of the model geometry with view-specific detailing applied on top. Plus, he demonstrates how to speed up your workflow by using existing CAD details and exporting details from project to project.

Topics include:

  • Creating drafting and legend views
  • Adding text and dimensions
  • Creating hybrid details
  • Adding detailing elements
  • Organizing and naming callout views
  • Using existing CAD details
  • Importing and exporting details


  • 英文名称:Revit: Detailing
  • 时长:2小时47分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Revit and construction details
  2. Why do detailing in a modeling program?
  3. Creating drafting and legend views
  4. Using 2D linework
  5. Using filled and masking regions
  6. Placing detail components
  7. Loading detail component families
  8. Completing the detail graphics
  9. Adding text and dimensions
  10. Make a callout from the model
  11. Organizing and naming callout views
  12. Adjust the visibility of model elements in a callout
  13. Applying repeating detail elements
  14. Model adjustments
  15. Add detailing elements
  16. Locking detail items to the model
  17. Applying view breaks
  18. Using keynotes
  19. Edit Cut Profile
  20. Using existing CAD details
  21. Detail sheets and view references
  22. Keynote legend
  23. Importing and exporting details
  24. Next steps