Introducing Illustrator

Introducing Illustrator

You’ve heard Adobe Illustrator is the most powerful drawing program on the planet. But every time you launch the program, you can’t figure out how to make even a simple drawing. In this course, acclaimed instructor and Illustrator expert Deke McClelland will teach you the most essential stuff you need to know, in the order you need to know it. You can learn how to comprehend the interface, manage artboards, and draw a perfectly smooth curve just to your liking. You can also learn how to make complex shapes from simpler ones, apply your intended color and appearance, and create any text that you need. Illustrator can be fun, and by the end of this course, the program will be your reliable ally for creating the illustration you want.

Topics include:

  • Creating a new Illustrator document
  • Resizing artboards and setting guides
  • Drawing a perfectly smooth curve
  • Creating and formatting text
  • Applying color and other visual attributes
  • Building complex shapes from easy, simple ones
  • Managing paths so they behave the way you want
  • Using the Transform command for talent-free drawing
  • Adjusting paths and moving anchor points
  • Drawing with the Pen tool
  • Tracing existing illustrations or photos inside Illustrator
  • Using Live Paint better than some experts do


  • 英文名称:Introducing Illustrator
  • 时长:6小时34分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. A bright and confident beginning
  2. Welcome to the Home screen
  3. Creating a new document
  4. Welcome to the interface
  5. Resizing and adding artboards
  6. Getting around your document
  7. Creating snapping guidelines
  8. Creating custom margin guides
  9. Drawing geometric shapes
  10. Drawing straight lines
  11. Creating a borderless background
  12. Drawing with the Pencil tool
  13. Editing a path with the Pencil tool
  14. Painting with the Blob Brush
  15. Using the Eraser tool
  16. Simplifying path outlines
  17. Installing fonts with Adobe Fonts
  18. Creating and formatting text
  19. Working with point type
  20. Creating type on a path
  21. Converting type to outlines
  22. Creating color swatches
  23. Introducing the Appearance panel
  24. Filling and stroking type
  25. Applying variable-width strokes
  26. Using the Gradient tool
  27. Creating a radial gradient
  28. Creating a freeform gradient
  29. Using the Eyedropper tool
  30. Using the Shape Builder tool
  31. Copy, Flip, and Join
  32. Offsetting a path outline
  33. Groups vs. compound paths
  34. Select and isolate
  35. Creating a clipping mask
  36. Introducing the Layers panel
  37. Using the Rotate tool
  38. Using the Reflect tool
  39. Using a Pathfinder operation
  40. Rotating by the numbers
  41. Duplicating a transformation
  42. Using the Scale tool
  43. Drawing a quick and easy penguin face
  44. Reshaping any path outline
  45. Copy, Paste, Join, Offset
  46. Using the Blend tool
  47. Dynamic round corners
  48. Adjusting control handles
  49. Dragging curved segments
  50. Using the Anchor Point tool
  51. Using the Curvature tool
  52. Introducing the Pen tool
  53. Drawing curves with the Pen
  54. Smooth points and cusps
  55. Drawing real-world paths
  56. Applying drop shadows
  57. Editing a dynamic effect
  58. Creating a perfect dotted outline
  59. Using the Transform effect
  60. Automatically tracing a photograph
  61. Expanding a traced image
  62. Introducing Live Paint
  63. Editing a Live Paint object
  64. Creating interwoven path outlines
  65. Live Paint and gradients
  66. Next steps