Developing Visual Campaigns

Developing Visual Campaigns

Today's audiences crave custom, quality visual content delivered with intent—but they don't respond to one-off content pieces the way they used to. Gone are the days when a single infographic could garner thousands of views and backlinks. Today, audience expectations have grown and with that, successful brand marketers are combining 12–14 types of visual content into single campaigns to meet those expectations. This means that the growing demand for skilled designers will continue long into the future. To remain relevant, designers will be expected to both art direct and execute on these campaigns, stretching their skillsets across dozens of visual content mediums.

In this course, Amy Balliett—CEO of the visual communications agency, Killer Infographics—provides an in-depth look behind the curtain of visual campaigns. She shares her experiences and the lessons she learned from developing over 100 visual campaigns for Fortune 1000 clients and nonprofits, explaining how to develop a successful campaign from start to finish. She walks through how to concept and plan a campaign, and how to pitch that campaign to clients and colleagues. Amy also takes you through how to develop a visual language to guide your campaign, and shares how to avoid common pitfalls.

Topics include:

  • Defining visual communication today
  • Understanding why visual content is in high demand
  • Defining a visual campaign
  • Pitching your campaign
  • Developing a creative brief
  • Brainstorming your creative direction
  • Presenting a pitch
  • Finalizing direction and getting buy-in
  • Developing a visual language
  • Developing an illustration style
  • Presenting your visual language
  • Letting data drive your content
  • Avoiding pitfalls


  • 英文名称:Developing Visual Campaigns
  • 时长:2h
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. What to expect in this course
  3. What you should know
  4. Exercise Files
  5. Challenges
  6. Defining visual communication today
  7. Visual storytelling vs. Info visualization
  8. Why is visual content in high demand?
  9. Why quality content trumps quantity
  10. Defining a visual campaign
  11. ✓ Challenge: Identifying Quality Content
  12. ✓ Solution: Identifying Quality Content
  13. 3 questions to start any campaign
  14. Developing a creative brief
  15. Brainstorming creative direction
  16. Brainstorming solutions
  17. Brainstorming timelines
  18. Presenting the pitch
  19. Finalizing direction and getting buy in
  20. What is a visual language
  21. Choosing a font
  22. Choosing colors
  23. Developing an illustration style
  24. Determining data viz styles
  25. Presenting your visual language
  26. Letting data drive your content
  27. Creating a workbench of assets
  28. The power of micro narratives
  29. When and how to use eBooks
  30. Developing visual content for articles
  31. When and how to use motion graphics
  32. When and how to use infographics
  33. When and how to use interactive content
  34. When and how to use email templates
  35. Other types of content to consider
  36. How to avoid the mistake of spam
  37. 3 data viz mistakes to avoid
  38. Passing the campaign off to designers
  39. Passing the campaign off to marketers
  40. Next steps