有许多关于Microsoft Excel的书籍和课程。但是,真正的精通需要实践。你必须应用所学到的知识才能不断巩固。该系列,我们将与Excel MVP Oz du Soleil一起迎接每周的Excel挑战,这些挑战来自Oz帮助客户解决实际问题的经验。每个视频都面临挑战,例如单元格格式不一致、订单项重复或数据不完整。暂停视频并下载相关的练习文件,使用Excel内置的强大功能尝试用自己的解决方案解决问题。准备就绪后,你可以重新启动视频以查看Oz如何迎接挑战。每周仅几分钟,你就可以了解最受欢迎和最有用的Excel公式、函数和功能。


  • 英文名称:Excel Weekly Challenge
  • 时长:5小时56分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Create an order form
  2. Sharpen your Excel skills with hands-on practice
  3. Add new participants to teams
  4. Format the cells in a form
  5. Align and adjust text on an order form
  6. Get a count of possible venues
  7. Identify and move attendee data
  8. Combine first and last names
  9. Clean up bizarre formatting
  10. Fill in categories and sort
  11. Add a new list and line it up
  12. Sort addresses by region
  13. Help find our perfect home
  14. Excel in real life: House shopping
  15. Prepare this report to be printed
  16. List and inspect survey results
  17. Create table of course summaries
  18. Correct city names
  19. Fix the pricing formula
  20. Fill in pick list details
  21. Create a chart of monthly complaints
  22. Calculate pay based on hours and location
  23. Review accuracy of invoice
  24. Combine three donation lists into one
  25. Group and sort inventory items
  26. The expense report is wrong
  27. Categorize the status of each apartment
  28. Excel in real life: Auditing inventory
  29. Leading zeroes
  30. Sort and stack
  31. Fix dates
  32. Add a shape
  33. Combo chart with secondary axis
  34. Horizontal sort
  35. Set up and format a workbook
  36. Count addresses
  37. Fix IDs
  38. Protect and validate
  39. Find duplicates
  40. Hide zeroes
  41. Correct these calculations
  42. What is this formula doing?
  43. Pricing grid and drop-down list
  44. Write a formula trigger
  45. Merge and compare lists
  46. Recreate this graphic
  47. Insert a happy or sad face
  48. Conditional formatting and sorting icons
  49. Crop and print
  50. Quick access and theme
  51. Update graphs
  52. Insert a PivotTable
  53. Delete transactions and insert a PivotTable
  54. Close holes in a list
  55. QAT and pivot table
  56. Unpivot and split columns
  57. Presentations part 1: Randomize
  58. Presentations part 2: What day is each person presenting?
  59. Calculate team fees
  60. Lookup and correct errors
  61. Calculate final cost and set data validation
  62. Clear excess images
  63. Format workbook defaults
  64. Extract all Saturdays
  65. Copy to a new workbook and save as a PDF
  66. Insert a PivotTable and slicers to review workshop data
  67. Use Find and Replace to correct names
  68. Isolate addresses
  69. Payment errors, part 1
  70. Payment errors, part 2
  71. Change chart type and create summary
  72. Create drop-down lists
  73. Explain this sales formula
  74. Using COUNTIFS with wildcards
  75. Create an index column
  76. Create tables and eliminate hyperlinks
  77. List the top seven donation amounts
  78. Get data ready for a PivotTable
  79. Modify a PivotTable
  80. Find a Power Query result
  81. Create a dynamic drop-down list
  82. Filter venues with dynamic arrays
  83. Find and restore missing data
  84. Override names
  85. Answer four questions about data
  86. Protect calculations with a shape
  87. Working with inventory percentages
  88. Replace highlights with conditional formatting
  89. Replace "Al" with "Alyssa"
  90. Apply a spin button
  91. Create a custom message in data validation
  92. Change the parameters of a data validation
  93. Identify multiple shifts
  94. Apply conditional formatting icons
  95. View a worksheet through two windows
  96. Correct dates to show the weekday, day, month, and year
  97. Remove the background from an image
  98. Calculate reimbursements based on a maximum per day
  99. Sort this data
  100. Apply formulas to new data
  101. Clear the formatting in a range of cells
  102. Transpose data and paste formula
  103. Find three ways to extract the item ID
  104. Write a formula from nothing and create your own data
  105. Isolate data by the week
  106. TJ's arts and crafts: How can we improve this workbook?
  107. Explain this crazy formula and test it
  108. Please fix this PivotTable
  109. How many paid days off are available?
  110. Count flights in a matrix
  111. Adjust layout
  112. Sum the salmon dishes
  113. Event planning formula
  114. What's the deal with these payroll calculations?
  115. Format grid
  116. Apply two conditional formatting rules
  117. Tally the number of guests for a party
  118. Set the footers for printing worksheets
  119. Who failed one exam or the other, but not both?
  120. Apply slicers and filter dataset
  121. Check the quality of survey responses
  122. Extract names from a dataset
  123. Change icon colors
  124. Create a chart and adjust the axis
  125. Extract sales data