Photoshop Color Correction: Advanced Projects

Photoshop Color Correction: Advanced Projects

This final piece in the Photoshop Color Correction series challenges you to complete a series of advanced projects using all of the skills that you have learned from previous courses. Taz Tally shows you how to evaluate an image using your two most valuable tools—your eyes and the Photoshop histogram—and tackle a variety of color correction issues, including a landscape with snow and fall color; a portrait suffering from an extreme color cast; a product shot that needs color adjustment and sharpening; a highly saturated image; and a winter scene in need of a creative "attitude" adjustment.


  • 英文名称:Photoshop Color Correction: Advanced Projects
  • 时长:1小时6分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Using the exercise files
  3. Project one: Adjusting a landscape
  4. Project two: Evaluating a portrait image with an extreme color cast
  5. Project two: Correcting a portrait image with an extreme color cast
  6. Project three: Adjusting a product shot
  7. Project four: Evaluating images with saturated colors
  8. Project four: Correcting saturated colors
  9. Project five: Changing moods with color adjustments
  10. Project six: Adjusting seascapes based on selective evaluation
  11. Next steps