Scrum: The Basics

Scrum: The Basics

If you've spent any time in the project management world, you've likely heard of scrum—the popular framework for managing complex processes. If this mysterious-sounding framework has piqued your interest, this course can help provide you with a basic understanding of what scrum is and how you can start implementing it at work. Follow scrum expert Kelley O'Connell as she walks through why scrum has taken the business world by storm, and how it asks you to organize your team and work. Plus, she explains how to manage your projects and measure how they're faring, and set manageable improvement goals.

Topics include:

  • The scrum approach to project success
  • Solving project problems with scrum
  • Establishing your scrum team
  • Setting the vision for your project
  • Writing user stories
  • Setting boundaries for success
  • Getting stories done in scrum
  • Assessing the team


  • 英文名称:Scrum: The Basics
  • 时长:1h
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Practicing scrum in your work environment
  2. The scrum approach to project success
  3. The agile revolution
  4. Scrum: The leading project methodology
  5. Solve project problems with scrum
  6. Essential roles for scrum teams
  7. Establish your scrum team
  8. Set the vision for your project
  9. Write user stories
  10. Set boundaries for success
  11. Story points and estimation in scrum
  12. Create a roadmap and release plan
  13. Sprint planning in scrum
  14. Track your scrum progress
  15. The daily scrum or standup meeting
  16. Backlog refinement in scrum
  17. Get stories done in scrum
  18. Demo the team's work
  19. Assess the team
  20. Deliver successful projects using scrum