Revit and Dynamo for Interior Design

Revit and Dynamo for Interior Design

Autodesk Dynamo helps users overcome many of the design challenges they face in Revit. Using Dynamo, interior designers can create visual logic to approach their modeling challenges in smarter, more efficient ways. This course shows how to use different Revit features—and automated assistance from Dynamo—to streamline the design and documentation process in Revit. Explore key Dynamo concepts, including how to place families and combine parameter information. In addition, discover how to model walls and floors, create a graphic finish legend, and synchronize modeled information with the room finish schedule.

Topics include:

  • Finding curves and points in Dynamo
  • Creating a list for organizing elements
  • Modeling walls and floors
  • Working with multiple rooms
  • Creating a graphic finish legend
  • Creating a material take-off
  • Creating graphic overrides
  • Updating room parameters
  • Creating a floor type from a room parameter


  • 英文名称:Revit and Dynamo for Interior Design
  • 时长:4小时57分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. What you should know
  3. What version of Dynamo are you running?
  4. Finding curves in Dynamo
  5. Finding points In Dynamo
  6. Placing families
  7. Clash detection
  8. List organization
  9. Find family location and place family
  10. Collect and organize your information
  11. Combining parameter information
  12. Modeling walls
  13. Read room information
  14. Working with curves
  15. Modeling floors
  16. Working with multiple rooms
  17. Creating a graphic finish legend
  18. Create a material take-off
  19. List of walls
  20. Place legend components
  21. Create graphic overrides
  22. Add overrides to a view template
  23. Find all floors in rooms
  24. Rooms with multiple finishes
  25. Update room parameters
  26. Find wall finishes in rooms
  27. Multiple walls in rooms
  28. Update room parameters
  29. Graphics in Revit
  30. Tag elements
  31. Create floor type from room parameters
  32. Add sorting parameters
  33. Extend wall height based on ceiling
  34. 3D area plans
  35. Next steps