Learning GitHub Actions

Learning GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a continuous integration tool that allows developers to automate tasks for their web projects. In this course, learn how to use this powerful tool to build workflows triggered by events, develop a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, and create custom actions. Instructor Michael Jenkins shows how to create your first actions and then construct a workflow that runs them. He also demonstrates how to use actions from the GitHub Marketplace and public repositories, leverage the capabilities of GitHub Actions to support your CI/CD workflow, and plan and develop custom actions.

Topics include:

  • Creating an action
  • Creating a workflow
  • Adding actions to a workflow
  • Using an action from a repository
  • Developing a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions
  • Building custom actions
  • Publishing an action to the GitHub Marketplace


  • 英文名称:Learning GitHub Actions
  • 时长:2小时21分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Automating with GitHub Actions
  2. What you should know
  3. Exercise files
  4. Working with YAML files
  5. What's new in this update
  6. Your first action
  7. Workflow and action attributes
  8. Create a workflow
  9. Add jobs and steps to a workflow
  10. Add actions to a workflow
  11. Run a workflow
  12. Add dependencies between actions
  13. Add conditions to a workflow
  14. Workflow and action limitations
  15. Challenge: Develop a complex workflow
  16. Solution: Develop a complex workflow
  17. Use an action from the Marketplace
  18. Use an action from a repository
  19. Passing arguments to an action
  20. Using environment variables
  21. Using secrets
  22. Using artifacts
  23. Manage pull requests
  24. Challenge: Develop a workflow that creates an artifact
  25. Solution: Develop a workflow that creates an artifact
  26. Plan your CI/CD pipeline
  27. Linting and unit tests
  28. Building and managing artifacts
  29. Testing
  30. Deploying
  31. Add a workflow status badge
  32. Challenge: Develop a CI/CD pipeline for a Python script
  33. Solution: Develop a CI/CD pipeline for a Python script
  34. Plan a custom action
  35. Your custom action objective
  36. Dockerfile review
  37. Add a Dockerfile
  38. Add an entry-point script
  39. Use runtime environment resources
  40. Test an action locally
  41. Complete the entry-point script
  42. Add a metadata file
  43. Add a README file
  44. Deploy a custom action
  45. Publish an action to the Marketplace
  46. Challenge: Create a custom action
  47. Solution: Create a custom action
  48. Additional resources for more GitHub Actions