Blender boasts a variety of essential features and add-ons for 3D creation. In this weekly series, learn how to better leverage these tools—and work with some features that you may not have heard of yet. Join David Andrade as he covers a variety of topics, including useful Blender simulations, updates to Blender such as the Principled BSDF shader, and animation techniques. Tune in every Wednesday for a new Blender trick to enhance your media production workflow.Note: Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.


  • 英文名称:Blender: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  • 时长:19小时10分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Create augmented reality files with Blender
  2. Series welcome
  3. Handy Blender settings and add-ons
  4. PBR workflow for Blender
  5. Light it on fire!
  6. Filmic and HDR in Blender
  7. Quick animation tips and tricks
  8. Camera tracking like a pro
  9. Materials and Multiscatter GGX
  10. Destroy everything with dynamics
  11. Kill fireflies with good render settings
  12. Rig a character with Rigify
  13. Let's make clouds!
  14. Quick compositing tricks
  15. Rig a mouth using Shape Keys
  16. Ignite a fiery tornado
  17. An in-depth eye rig
  18. DupliFaces
  19. Particle armies
  20. Let's make grass
  21. Make it rain
  22. Cloth simulation: Flag
  23. A quick ocean
  24. Dynamic painting
  25. UV like a pro
  26. Camera tricks
  27. Shrink wrap your life
  28. Alembics and offsets
  29. Work with modeling tools
  30. Orphan data
  31. Use the Mesh Edit Tools add-on
  32. Sculpting in Blender
  33. Lattices
  34. 3D printing
  35. New add-ons for Dynamic Sky
  36. Magic UV
  37. Import Images as Planes
  38. Projections in camera
  39. How to data transfer
  40. UV without UVs
  41. Work with the Grease Pencil
  42. Random color nodes
  43. Tile textures
  44. Wood floor textures
  45. Light path nodes for rendering
  46. Emission volumes for quick rendering
  47. Pointiness in cycles
  48. Box mapping in cycles
  49. Save memory in Blender with Remap
  50. Quick mesh cleanup with Dissolve
  51. Undo History
  52. Quick mesh cleanup with Decimate
  53. Forming fog and mist
  54. Create glare streaks
  55. Create rays of light
  56. Useful geometry with Archimesh
  57. Grow ivy or moss on an object
  58. Create a twist effect for columns
  59. Unique selection tools
  60. Bridge edge loops
  61. Take measurements inside of Blender
  62. Extra hidden objects in Blender
  63. Hide geometry with masks
  64. Create cutouts
  65. A better way to fill in a mesh
  66. Create a 3D text object
  67. Clean up renders with denoising
  68. Quick render tests with overrides
  69. Quick Fluid
  70. Simplify AO
  71. Add-ons: Dynamic Context Menu
  72. Python: Quick renaming
  73. Python: Set origin on multiple objects
  74. Animating cameras: Turnaround
  75. Animating cameras: Following objects
  76. Using multiple constraints on one object
  77. Fun with constraints: Elevator and Pivot
  78. Face rigging with Rigify
  79. Quick tree making
  80. Quick strokes in freestyle and line boil
  81. Advanced freestyle lines
  82. Cartoon shading in cycles
  83. Quick animation with functions
  84. Python: Set viewport color
  85. Modeling hair using Curves
  86. Making quick fur
  87. Using the Hair BSDF node
  88. Making fire out of nodes
  89. Combining multiple UV maps
  90. Workflows: Why you should link
  91. Workflows: Rigging with a mesh cage
  92. Workflows: Using NLA Editor
  93. Workflows: Sharing animation
  94. Dealing with a dense scenes, part 1: Groups and layers
  95. Dealing with a dense scenes, part 2: Scene background
  96. Dealing with a dense scenes, part 3: ID mask
  97. Dealing with a dense scenes, part 4: Cryptomattes
  98. Modeling: Quick Bend, Solidify, and Fatten
  99. Rigging: Molding and fixing your rigged character
  100. Dynamically paint different cycle materials
  101. Create and clean a mess with physics
  102. Create and clean a mess with particles
  103. Creating particles along a curve
  104. Modeling: Remeshing with Blender
  105. Modeling: Remeshing with instant meshes
  106. Groups are now collections
  107. Driving animation with the new Drivers tools
  108. Bone Relative for faster rigging
  109. The big jump: Welcome to Blender 2.8
  110. Where is everything in Blender 2.8?!
  111. Cleaner bevel and hardening normals
  112. The new Weighted Normal modifier
  113. Smoothing it out with custom normals
  114. Mesh analysis for 3D printers
  115. Subdividing beautifully
  116. Modeling: Photogrammetry with Meshroom
  117. View layers and masking your objects
  118. One simple trick to rendering faster
  119. Quick viewport renders in Blender 2.8
  120. EEVEE for beginners: Materials
  121. EEVEE for beginners: Light and shadow
  122. EEVEE for beginners: Depth of field
  123. EEVEE for beginners: Volumes
  124. EEVEE for beginners: Motion blur
  125. EEVEE for beginners: Toon shading with Shader to RGB
  126. EEVEE for Beginners: Indirection lighting probes
  127. EEVEE for Beginners: Reflections
  128. EEVEE for Beginners: Hair
  129. Blender 2.8 animation: Keying sets
  130. Blender 2.8 animation: Delta transforms
  131. Blender physics 101: Hair dynamics
  132. Blender physics 101: Hair children
  133. Blender physics 101: Hairs and particle instances
  134. Blender physics 101: Soft body dynamics
  135. Blender physics 101: Combining hair and soft body
  136. Blender physics 101: Hi-res smoke
  137. Blender physics 101: Fireballs
  138. Blender physics 101: Smoke and forces
  139. Blender physics 101: Rendering volumes faster
  140. Blender physics 101: Particle smoke
  141. Blender physics 101: Smoke magic
  142. Quick tip: Clipping plane
  143. Intel Open Image Denoise to make images pretty and faster
  144. UI improvements in Blender 2.81 and 2.82
  145. Library Overrides
  146. Let’s make balloons: Cloth simulation with air pressure
  147. Mantaflow: New physically based fluid simulation
  148. Smoke and fire simulations with Mantaflow
  149. Mantaflow guides
  150. Advanced Cycles nodes updates
  151. Blender and UDIM
  152. New sculpting tools in Blender
  153. Remeshing sculpts in Blender
  154. Create levels of detail objects with Multires
  155. Actual sun positions in Blender
  156. Fix self-overlapping transparency
  157. New helpful Blender preferences
  158. Blender 2.83 and virtual reality
  159. Adaptive sampling in Blender 2.83
  160. Wave and noise texture updates in Blender 2.83
  161. Volume rendering speed-up trick
  162. Attach objects with updated Child Of constraint
  163. New sculpting brush: The Cloth brush
  164. Quickly organize sculpture with Face Sets
  165. Simplify Graph Editor keys with Decimate
  166. Projected textures with lights
  167. New Unreal Engine tools for Blender
  168. How OpenVDB improves Blender volumes
  169. Expand UVs automatically with Blender 2.90
  170. New Transform Fill for Grease Pencil
  171. Grease Pencil Vertex Paint tricks
  172. Easy way to manage collections
  173. An incredible update to Sky in Blender 2.90
  174. Unsubdivide High Polygon meshes in Blender 2.90
  175. Modeling updates to Blender 2.90
  176. Preview scenes with Viewport Denoising in Blender
  177. Library overrides updates in Blender 2.90
  178. Use BlenderKit to quickly build out scenes
  179. Updated Physics tab for fluids
  180. The latest in quality-of-life improvements
  181. How to use wetmaps and particles to make snow
  182. Command the high seas with Blender's updated ocean
  183. Using heat to make explosions hot
  184. Importing SVGs to make beautiful logo renders
  185. Quickly create a dog or cat rig in Blender
  186. Animating animals in Blender
  187. How to use the NLA editor in Blender
  188. Grease pencil to 3D mesh