Data Visualization: Best Practices

Data Visualization: Best Practices

Media and marketing efforts often rely on data visualizations to quickly prove a point. But poorly designed visualizations can be misleading. Whether it's choosing the wrong charts or graphs, misinterpreting the data, or showing it without context, inaccurate designs can become a source of global scrutiny.

To succeed in design and marketing today, one must know how to interpret and properly visualize data. This course, developed and led by Killer Infographics CEO, Amy Balliett, walks you through the ins and outs of creating accurate and compelling data visualizations. Amy focuses on best practices, not tools, although she does provide an overview of Illustrator graphing features. Using these tips, you'll learn how to stand out from the crowd and create charts and graphs that combine precision with visual appeal.

Topics include:

  • What charts and graphs work best for different types of data
  • Putting data into visual and textual context to ensure it is accurate
  • Visualizing data that doesn't lend itself to imagery
  • Adding visual appeal without sacrificing accuracy
  • Using the Adobe Illustrator graphing tools
  • Avoiding common data viz mistakes


  • 英文名称:Data Visualization: Best Practices
  • 时长:1小时15分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. What to expect in this course
  3. Using the exercise files
  4. Charts vs. graphs
  5. Organization matters
  6. Colors matter
  7. Complex vs. simple
  8. Keep scales consistent
  9. ✓ Challenge: Find the data visualization mistakes
  10. ✓ Solution: Unveiling the data visualization mistakes
  11. When and how to use a pie chart
  12. When and how to use a bar graph
  13. When and how to use a line graph
  14. When and how to use a quantagram
  15. When and how to use typography
  16. Charts and graphs to avoid
  17. ✓ Challenge: Visualizing the data
  18. ✓ Solution: Visualizing the data
  19. Why context matters
  20. Three questions to ask
  21. Making data relatable
  22. Quick recap: Using the graphing tool
  23. How to add colors
  24. How to treat the grid
  25. Icons vs. text
  26. Simple and clean takes time
  27. ✓ Challenge: Improve these graphs
  28. ✓ Solution: Example improvements
  29. Next steps