Design Thinking: Testing and Refining

Design Thinking: Testing and Refining

Testing a design results in valuable insights because it reveals what hinders and what helps the user, so you know what features to keep, which designs to modify, and which parts to scrap altogether. This course focuses on the testing phase of the five-step design thinking process. After briefly reviewing previous steps, learn about testing and how to refine your testing purpose. Learn how to find the right methods and strategies for your testing, then dive into how to determine if your testing is successful—and what to do if it’s not. See how to maximize what you gather from your testing, including velocity and conversion. Then, discover how to use testing to get bigger, better results from your ideas. Put what you’ve learned together to create a robust team testing strategy.


  • 英文名称:Design Thinking: Testing and Refining
  • 时长:1小时30分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. What is design thinking?
  2. Introduction to test and refine
  3. Why we test
  4. What we test
  5. How we test to refine
  6. Refining framework
  7. Discovery refinement phases within agile
  8. Challenge
  9. Solution
  10. User studies
  11. Usability testing
  12. Remote or in-person
  13. Moderated or un-moderated
  14. What about AB, multi-variate, multi-arm bandit, oh my!
  15. Learn how to decide
  16. Testing to discover
  17. Testing to learn
  18. Testing to improve
  19. Testing to innovate
  20. The testing mentality trap
  21. The testing velocity delimma
  22. Evolving from a winner takes all mentality
  23. Conversion and conver$ion
  24. Learning loop
  25. Quick wins
  26. Learning quickly
  27. Qualititative
  28. Putting it all together