Cold Calling:克服销售异议

Cold Calling:克服销售异议

Cold calling is one of the best tools available for lead generation. But the process is plagued with hard-to-overcome objections that can cause even the best salespeople to fail. Here sales professional and prospecting coach Miles Croft identifies the eight most common cold call objections—which may have seemed impossible surmount in the past. However, this course has been specifically designed to help you both anticipate and successfully overcome these concerns and smash your sales targets. The lessons are tailored to be practical, easy, and fun, so you’ll be ready to put your newly honed skills into action right away. After this course, you'll feel confident in knowing that you can comfortably overcome anything your prospects throw at you—resulting in a clear increase in cold calling success.

This course was created by Miles Croft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

Topics include:

  • What is an objection?
  • Overcoming objections
  • Finding out what your prospect's priority really is
  • Offering an alternative to email
  • Identifying your value
  • Knowing your unique selling proposition
  • Truly understanding your customer's contractual obligations
  • Showing your value
  • Arming champions to help sell to decision makers
  • Finding out more about customer needs


  • 英文名称:Cold Calling: Overcoming Sales Objections
  • 时长:51分1秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome to the course
  2. What's in this course?
  3. What is an objection?
  4. Before you get started
  5. Introduction
  6. What they really mean
  7. Don't always believe them
  8. Find out why
  9. Help them help you
  10. Ok, so when?
  11. Wrap-up
  12. Introduction
  13. What they really mean
  14. Challenge them
  15. Reframe them
  16. Offer an alternative
  17. Actually do it!
  18. Wrap-up
  19. Introduction
  20. What they really mean
  21. Know your value
  22. Challenge it
  23. Feel, felt, found
  24. Wrap-up
  25. Introduction
  26. What they really mean
  27. Establish why they think that
  28. Know your USPs
  29. Wrap-up
  30. Introduction
  31. What they really mean
  32. If contracted
  33. If not contracted
  34. Find the selling point
  35. Know your enemy
  36. Wrap-up
  37. Introduction
  38. What they really mean
  39. Show your value
  40. Find a way to pay
  41. Wrap-up
  42. Introduction
  43. What they really mean
  44. Champions and decision makers
  45. Who's is it then?
  46. Arming champions
  47. Wrap-up
  48. Introduction
  49. What they really mean
  50. Finding out more
  51. Reframe
  52. Wrap-up
  53. Final thoughts
  54. Congratulations!