Tips and Tricks for Modern Producers

Tips and Tricks for Modern Producers

Are you interested in taking your productions to the next level? In this course, instructor Evan Sutton shares tips, workarounds, and time-saving techniques that can help music producers work smarter in the studio and enhance their final productions. Evan dives into drum programming and processing, and discusses synth programming, including how to get from MIDI to audio. He also shares practical tips that can help audio engineers as they work with vocals and get their mixes ready for mastering. Plus, learn how to apply EQ precisely, combine additive and subtractive EQ methods, and smooth out peaks and standing resonances with multiband compression.

Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.


  • 英文名称:Tips and Tricks for Modern Producers
  • 时长:5小时54分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Modern production
  2. Surgical EQ and filtering
  3. Help elements sit in the mix
  4. Tame harsh elements
  5. Different flavors of additive EQ
  6. Combining additive and subtractive EQ
  7. The smile EQ shape
  8. Additive EQ on busses and 2-mix
  9. Multiband compressors: A breakdown
  10. Using de-essers on tracks and busses
  11. Taming peaks and resonances
  12. Sidechain multiband compression
  13. Intro to expansion or re-essing
  14. Multiband expansion
  15. Organization and backup
  16. File management for the modern producer
  17. Stemming and prep for mixing
  18. Tuning programmed drums
  19. An approach to layering drum sounds
  20. Parallel compression on drums
  21. The virtues of parallel distortion
  22. A mixer's guide to drum routing
  23. Rhythmic synth sounds with MIDI FX
  24. Layering synth parts with hardware
  25. Getting from MIDI to audio
  26. Tips on hardware synth processing
  27. Tracking vocals for maximum impact
  28. On-the-spot tuning
  29. Quick and dirty vocal chain
  30. Quick and dirty parallel vocals
  31. Mix buss processing: Is it necessary?
  32. EQ and filtering with a multi-buss mix
  33. Gassing your mix with a limiter or two
  34. Prepping tracks for mastering
  35. Compression basics
  36. Tasteful compression
  37. Vintage compressors and emulations
  38. VCA compression and drums
  39. FAT compression on guitars and vocals
  40. Opto compression on bass
  41. Chaining compressors on vocals
  42. Mix buss compression and glue
  43. Origins of saturation
  44. Tape saturation and vintage vibe
  45. Bit stripping and low-fidelity applications
  46. Tube-style saturation and sheen
  47. Quick and dirty ITB reamping
  48. Gain staging and headroom
  49. Mix buss EQ: Surgery and flavor
  50. Dialing in the mix buss compressor
  51. Applications of multiband processing
  52. Mix buss saturation
  53. Final limiting and how loud to print
  54. Transient designer overview
  55. Transient designer plugins
  56. Tweaking transients on drums