Design a High-Impact Sell Sheet

Design a High-Impact Sell Sheet

Great sales sheets grab the attention of a customer at first glance. There are a variety of types, but successful sales sheets share common features: strong layout, typography, color, and content. This course teaches designers—and marketers who may not be trained designers—how to design high-impact, eye-catching sales sheets that sell your products and services in just one page. Instructor Amy Balliet, the CEO of Killer Infographics, explains why a sales sheet matters and why it's important to define its audience, purpose, and call to action up front. She shows how to lay out your sheet and combine data and visuals in an effective way. She also helps you choose colors and typography that enhance your message and your brand. Finally, see how all the design elements combine in a start-to-finish project using Adobe Illustrator.

Topics include:

  • What is a sell sheet?
  • Types of sell sheets
  • Defining your audience, purpose, and call to action
  • Layout
  • Using data and visuals
  • Wireframing
  • Choosing images and colors
  • Designing the sell sheet


  • 英文名称:Design a High-Impact Sell Sheet
  • 时长:1小时48分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. What is a sell sheet?
  3. Three types of sell sheets defined
  4. Define your audience
  5. Define your core purpose
  6. Identify your key differentiators
  7. Let your goals guide your content
  8. Define your call to action
  9. Challenge: The content worksheet
  10. Solution: The content worksheet
  11. Organize your content
  12. Using data to tell your best story
  13. Let your brand guide you
  14. Make what you're selling the star
  15. Why visuals should take center stage
  16. Where to place the call to action
  17. Lay out the content in illustrator
  18. Why custom visuals are key
  19. Using photography
  20. How iconography impacts your audience
  21. Choose colors that send a message
  22. Develop a hierarchy for your fonts
  23. Challenge: Wireframe your design
  24. Visualize data in Illustrator
  25. Add in iconography
  26. Add photos
  27. Add illustrations
  28. Finalize your design
  29. Next steps