Getting Started with Live Streaming

Getting Started with Live Streaming

Looking to take the leap into the world of live streaming? This course can help. Tune in to learn the basics of live streaming, from choosing the right platform, hardware, and software to engaging with and growing your audience. Get an overview of some of the most popular live streaming platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, as well as how to pick the platform that's best for you. Learn about the most important scenes in a livestream, as well as how to highlight those scenes. Plus, get production design, lighting, and audio tips for boosting the overall quality of your live stream; discover how to create a pre-launch checklist; and learn techniques for keeping your audience engaged once you go live.

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  • 英文名称:Getting Started with Live Streaming
  • 时长:41分31秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Choosing a platform overview
  2. Identify where your audience is
  3. Ways to engage your audience
  4. Getting your tech right overview
  5. Streaming production tool overview
  6. Identifying the most important scenes
  7. Production design overview
  8. Basics of lighting and sound
  9. Prelaunch checklist
  10. Gear guide
  11. Streamer engagement overview
  12. Building your brand
  13. Content production cadence
  14. How to repurpose content
  15. Goodbye