Design Foundation 3D: Shape and Form

Design Foundation 3D: Shape and Form

Award-winning industrial designer and educator Dave Schultze is your host in this refreshing take on design history, theory, and insights. Dave demystifies a variety of 2D and 3D design principles, and then provides real-world examples of what works—or sometimes doesn't work—and why.

First, see how the same idea can be applied in a smaller 2D scale—like graphics and print, fine art, and advertising. Dave then blows it up in 3D, and showcases examples from product design, furniture, architecture, and urban planning.

Projects and concepts are presented in an engaging and sometimes irreverent manner with images, videos, and personal and professional stories from Dave. Check out this fast-paced tour as it covers topics ranging from grids and axes to designing with humor.

Topics include:

  • Design exploration with sketching
  • 3D exploration with organic forms
  • Grids and axes
  • Defining space
  • Color and contrast
  • Texture and patterns
  • Minimalism. Less is more.
  • Retro. It's back!


  • 英文名称:Design Foundation 3D: Shape and Form
  • 时长:1小时8分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Intro to 2D shapes
  3. Design exploration with sketching
  4. Introduction to 3D forms
  5. 3D exploration with organic forms
  6. Grids and axes
  7. Symmetry
  8. Hierarchy and juxtaposition
  9. Rhythm and repetition
  10. Golden section
  11. Defining space
  12. Celebrate color!
  13. Color and contrast
  14. Texture and pattern
  15. Transparency
  16. Minimalism = Less is more
  17. Retro. It's back!
  18. Iconography. Can you picture it?
  19. Humor? That's funny
  20. Next steps