Ten Tips for the C# Developer

Ten Tips for the C# Developer

C# and .NET are deep areas. Even if you’ve been a developer for years, there are bound to be features you don’t even know exist. In this course, take a look at some of the hidden or interesting methods that can help you write better code in this multifaceted programming language. Hear tips for improving your everyday workflows in C# development including a method to help avoid race conditions when working with a dictionary. Learn how to use pattern matching to create more expressive and readable code branches. Explore the new C# 8 slice operators and how and when to flatten a one-many relationship. Discover fresh tactics like how to and engage another programmer’s technique, use the DebuggerDisplay attribute to specify what information is shown, and more.


  • 英文名称:Ten Tips for the C# Developer
  • 时长:49分24秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Ten tips for C# developers
  2. How to access the sample code on GitHub
  3. Avoid race condition with TryGetValue method
  4. Better switch statements with pattern matching
  5. Readable literals with the underscore
  6. Extract items from sequence with indices
  7. Discard feature
  8. Be more functional with the conditional operator
  9. Create a thread-safe immutable type
  10. Use the ImmutableList collection
  11. Show custom debugger information
  12. Work with nested collections and SelectMany
  13. Next steps