Final Cut Pro X Guru: New Features

Final Cut Pro X Guru: New Features

Explore the new features designed to help video editors unlock the power of Final Cut Pro X and its sidekicks Motion and Compressor. Instructor Nick Harauz covers all the changes (both big and small) in the latest update to Final Cut Pro X, version 10.4. Learn how to speed up your workflow, work in brand-new ways with color and 360-degree footage, and use HEVC, iMovie, and HDR clips in your projects.

Topics include:

  • HEVC support
  • HDR support
  • Color correction
  • Color Wheels and Color Curves
  • Creating 360-degree video projects
  • Virtual reality effects and titles


  • 英文名称:Final Cut Pro X Guru: New Features
  • 时长:2小时38分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. What you should know before watching this course
  3. Role-based forward and back clip selection
  4. Logic Pro X effects interface update
  5. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) support and export
  6. Looping status, improved optical flow, and Canon Cinema RAW Light support
  7. iOS iMovie projects
  8. High dynamic range (HDR) support and export
  9. Camera RAW support
  10. Import closed captions
  11. Create closed captions
  12. Export closed captions
  13. SRT caption support and burn-in
  14. Batch exporting clips and presets
  15. Comic effect
  16. Comparison viewer
  17. Noise reduction effects
  18. Source and project timecode windows
  19. The Color Inspector
  20. Color correction shortcuts
  21. Color Wheels
  22. Color Curves
  23. Hue and Saturation curves
  24. White balance color picker
  25. Lookup table (LUT) support
  26. Motion color correction effects
  27. Configuring and editing with a head-mounted display
  28. Importing 360 footage and creating a 360 project
  29. Using the Reorient tool
  30. VR effects
  31. VR titles
  32. Motion improvements: Part one
  33. Motion improvements: Part two
  34. Exporting 360 video with Compressor
  35. Tiny planet
  36. Importing proxy options
  37. Copying a proxy only library
  38. Preparing a project for vertical or square delivery
  39. Using custom overlays and transform overscan
  40. Using Duplicate Project As
  41. Adjusting ProRes RAW camera settings
  42. Crossfade audio and sort clips
  43. Closing projects
  44. Working with stereoscopic clips
  45. Stabilize 360 clips
  46. Working with USDZ files in Motion
  47. The new Stroke filter in Motion
  48. Compressor updates
  49. Next steps