Marketing Foundations: The Marketing Funnel

Marketing Foundations: The Marketing Funnel

Your goal as a marketer is to turn prospects into buyers. But there's a lot more than conversion to consider when talking about marketing. That's why the marketing funnel is such a popular representation of the customer experience. The funnel is the foundation for understanding the customer's journey on the path to purchase. It's a model all customers experience and it's incredibly important to your marketing foundation. In this course, expert Brad Batesole demystifies the marketing funnel and shows how to use it as a tool to help your campaigns succeed. Learn about the five unique segments of the funnel: awareness, interest, desire, action, and loyalty. Explore touchpoints and discover how to create campaigns that drive customers through the funnel. Plus, find out how to improve the performance of your funnel and evolve it to meet the changing needs of your business and your buyer.

Topics include:

  • What is the marketing funnel?
  • Segmenting the marketing funnel
  • Mapping the buyer's journey
  • Creating a marketing sequence
  • Converting: Moving through the funnel
  • Improving the funnel
  • Evolving the funnel


  • 英文名称:Marketing Foundations: The Marketing Funnel
  • 时长:1小时18分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Guide to the marketing funnel
  2. What is the marketing funnel?
  3. Segmenting the marketing funnel
  4. How is the marketing funnel used?
  5. Funnel segment: Awareness
  6. Funnel segment: Interest
  7. Funnel segment: Desire or consideration
  8. Funnel segment: Action or conversation
  9. Funnel segment: Loyalty and advocacy
  10. Full-funnel marketing
  11. The truth about this path
  12. The buyer's journey
  13. Outside influences
  14. What is a marketing sequence?
  15. Creating a marketing sequence
  16. A funnel scenario
  17. Converting from awareness to interest
  18. Converting from interest to desire
  19. Converting from desire to action
  20. Converting from action to loyalty
  21. Remarketing to customers falling out of the funnel
  22. Identify funnel leaks
  23. Improve the marketing funnel
  24. Increase attraction with human-centric branding
  25. Optimize curiosity with content marketing
  26. Increase brand affinity
  27. Rethinking the funnel
  28. B2B vs. B2C marketing funnels
  29. Continue exploring the world of marketing