After Effects 与用户体验设计

After Effects 与用户体验设计

Learn a variety of techniques you can use to prototype motion and interactions using Adobe After Effects CC 2018. The course starts with a review of the AE interface, showing how to set up After Effects for working on UX projects. The course then covers how to prototype gestures and micro-interactions using animation tools; how to create and export an app with interaction previews for client and team reviews, and more.

Topics include:

  • Prototyping motion
  • Easing
  • Using the Graph Editor
  • Working with shapes and masks
  • Supporting tap, press, and swipe gestures
  • Handling pinch and spread gestures
  • Designing patterns
  • Making navigation, buttons, and breadcrumbs
  • Creating progress bars
  • Working with modals, menus, and cards
  • Zooming content
  • Making a floating action button
  • Handling text input and cursors


  • 英文名称:After Effects for UX Design
  • 时长:3小时21分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Exercise files
  3. The importance of the composition
  4. Prototyping motion
  5. The role of easing
  6. Using the Graph Editor
  7. Working with shapes
  8. Using masks
  9. The joy of parenting
  10. The tap gesture
  11. The double-tap gesture
  12. The long press
  13. The swipe gesture
  14. Creating a pinch or spread gesture
  15. Demo on a device
  16. Buttons and breadcrumbs
  17. Bottom navigation
  18. Making a switch
  19. Creating a progress bar
  20. Creating a circular progress bar
  21. Showing progress with value
  22. Working with modals
  23. Slide-out menus
  24. Cards
  25. Morphing objects
  26. Building a bounce ease
  27. Creating the "jelly effect"
  28. Zooming content
  29. Filling objects with color
  30. A pulsing cursor
  31. Floating action button
  32. Ripple effect
  33. Text input
  34. Adding cursors
  35. Next steps