Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Stay up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing. In this biweekly series, marketing and social media expert Martin Waxman explores the newest tools and techniques that marketers are using to reach their customers. Find out what's new, how it will affect your business, and what other companies are doing to adapt. Every two weeks you can explore a new topic, including mobile, voice search, video and live streaming, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the evolution of social media, and regulations like GDPR. The course is an effective way to understand what's happening in the world of marketing and how you can leverage these trends to help make your business more successful.

Note: Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.


  • 英文名称:Digital Marketing Trends
  • 时长:2小时29分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. CES 2021: Products waiting in the wings
  2. Keeping up with digital marketing trends
  3. How to get the most from this course
  4. The ups and downs of vertical video
  5. Marketing in the micro-moment
  6. Live from your phone
  7. Marketing in the micro-moment, part 2
  8. What is 5G and how does it work?
  9. What's the talk about TikTok?
  10. Measuring video campaigns
  11. Influencer marketing
  12. Video meetings: Platforms and tips
  13. What's new in social shopping?
  14. Facebook F8 2019: News for marketers
  15. Pinterest: The new mall
  16. Social media news and trends: 10
  17. Digital trends for 2020 and the impact on your brand
  18. CES 2020: Digital product trends
  19. 2020 tech trends and your brand
  20. Social media news and trends 13
  21. Social media news and trends: 14
  22. The wow factor: Digital marketing creativity
  23. Google and Facebook: Shopping news
  24. Social media news and trends: 15
  25. Meet Instagram Reels, the newest TikTok rival
  26. Social media news and trends 16
  27. Social media news and trends 17
  28. Social media news and trends: January 2021
  29. Social media news and trends: March 2021
  30. Chatting about chatbots
  31. Primer on voice search
  32. Commercializing voice search
  33. Digital assistants: Voice plus video
  34. Narrow vs. general artificial intelligence
  35. Chatting about conversational search
  36. GANs: Generative adversarial networks
  37. Retail meets AI and AR
  38. How to combat fake news
  39. Comparing augmented, virtual, mixed, and extended reality
  40. Chatting about conversational marketing
  41. Three SEO concepts marketers need to know
  42. Blender vs. Meena: Battle of the bots
  43. GPT-3: Natural language generation AI
  44. What marketers need to know about GDPR
  45. Introduction to big data
  46. Introduction to quantum computing
  47. An introduction to blockchain for marketers
  48. What California's privacy legislation means for brands
  49. How the Google BERT algorithm is changing search
  50. Data science and marketing: What you need to know
  51. Looking ahead: 2021 digital trends
  52. Getting ready for the Consumer Privacy Rights Act
  53. Understanding the martech landscape
  54. Test drive Lumen5: Video creation with AI