Revit Architecture: Designing a House

Revit Architecture: Designing a House

Review the construction modeling and design documentation process from start to finish in Autodesk Revit. In this project-based course, Brian Myers shows how to use the tools in Revit to build plans for an American-style bungalow from scratch. To help lend real-world context to the concepts he covers, Brian steps through the creation of a project in Revit, providing you with practical experience with key Revit tools. Learn how to add walls, doors, and windows to your project, as well as how to place ceilings and create a roof. Plus, see how to create 2D and 3D views, model a site, and more. By the end of this course, you will have built a model of a multilevel residence and created multiple sheets in the design documentation set, as well as sections, details, and schedules.

Topics include:

  • Entering room information
  • Creating exterior and interior walls
  • Creating foundation walls and footings
  • Adding doors, windows, and floors
  • Designing an exterior deck and front porch
  • Placing columns
  • Creating a roof
  • Adding rooms
  • Placing lights and ceilings
  • Adding a door elevation legend
  • Drafting and dimensioning
  • Exporting dynamic renderings and presentations
  • Creating standard sheets
  • Printing documentation


  • 英文名称:Revit Architecture: Designing a House
  • 时长:8小时42分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Create a functional set of home plans with Revit
  2. Using the exercise files
  3. Reviewing the project requirements
  4. Creating multiple levels
  5. Entering room information
  6. Creating exterior walls
  7. Creating foundation walls
  8. Modifying foundation walls
  9. Setting up view properties in the basement
  10. Creating the interior walls for the main level, part 1
  11. Creating the interior walls for the main level, part 2
  12. Creating the interior walls for the basement level, part 1
  13. Creating the interior walls for the basement level, part 2
  14. Creating footings
  15. Adding doors to the project
  16. Adding windows to the project
  17. Adding an atrium window using curtain walls
  18. Adding structural floors to the project
  19. Adding finish floors to each room: First floor
  20. Adding finish floors to each room: Basement
  21. Designing an exterior deck
  22. Designing a front porch and building the porch structure
  23. Placing the columns for the front porch
  24. Placing interior structural columns and footings
  25. Adding beams
  26. Placing the railings for the front porch
  27. Creating deck stairs
  28. Creating deck railings
  29. Creating deck supports
  30. Creating porch stairs and railings
  31. Building an interior staircase and railings
  32. Inserting a floor opening for the stairs
  33. Building a railing at the top of the stairs
  34. Adding rooms and room tags
  35. Creating a gable roof
  36. Applying gutters and fascia boards to the roof
  37. Tying the roof to the structure
  38. Adding walls at the porch
  39. Adding a ceiling to the porch
  40. Modifying a wall profile
  41. Placing cabinets and kitchen appliances
  42. Placing countertops
  43. Placing plumbing fixtures
  44. Creating the utility room
  45. Placing a normal ceiling
  46. Adjusting the ceiling for stairs
  47. Creating a coffered ceiling
  48. Placing ceiling lights
  49. Creating an exterior camera
  50. Creating an interior camera
  51. Creating section views
  52. Creating an enlarged plan
  53. Creating interior elevation views
  54. Creating exterior elevation views
  55. Creating a door schedule
  56. Generating a door elevation legend
  57. Dimensioning
  58. Adding general notes
  59. Adding notes with text
  60. Creating detail views
  61. Site creation
  62. Creating roads, sidewalks, and driveways
  63. Adding plants
  64. Exploring dynamic renderings
  65. Creating floor plans for presentations
  66. Creating standard sheets
  67. Setting up standard sheets
  68. Printing
  69. Next steps